Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday's Progress

I am happy to report I have been able to cut and sew this fine weekend. Thank You to the rain! I made it possible for me to stay home after church and sew for several hours. I got my 9 patches finished and started the 4 patches. Unfortunately I have made a cutting error and will need to re-cut the fabric on those. I miss calculated by 1/2 inch but I can use the fabric in another part of the quilt. I am thinking I will but a scalloped keyboard edge on it and that will use up my miss-cuts. So two versions of 9 patches and a miss calculated 4 patch but at least I was doing a bit of quilting. It was nice to work on something I enjoyed rather than something I "needed" to do. So thank you Lord for a bit of rain. I'll take it.
 This is version 2. Uses up all the fabric evenly which makes me a happy camper. I know it is sad but I like the fabric to get used. Most of the fabrics used are from he In the Beginning line called Happy. With a few odds and ends from other groups. 
I really like this combo even if it is a bit off. There is great wording on the green patch (dream, hope, imagination, create, laugh, shine, play, inspire) fun positive words to encourage. 

Not much time for quilting this week more than likely but I hope to stitch a few hours in the evenings. We will see....

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Quilt Number 3

This has been the view of my dinning room table for the last week. I have this fun little quilt all laid out and ready to cut but I have been a bit busy with work, standard home stuff and a bit extra one night. The neighbors house across the street burned down. It was very sad to watch but they are dealing with it very well and hopefully the rebuild will begin soon. We have waived at them from across the street for a year and I was very embarrassed that it took their house catching fire and them standing in our yard for 6 hours watching to get to know them. They seem to be very nice people and it made me aware I have been a poor neighbor to not introduce myself. When we moved in a year ago all of the families came to greet us except them and I just assumed they were anti-social. I was so wrong, proving once again you should never assume. I will do better when they rebuild. 

Sunday night before the whirlwind of this past week I was able to cut out 18 of the solid green swirling block for the quilt. It is a fun basic Moda print ( top corner by rotor cutter). Can you see the pinwheels, 4 square and, 9 patch blocks I have paired up? I just cannot wait to start and hopefully tomorrow will offer some time to play with the fabric and start sewing. Still not decided about the final size on this one, lap throw or bed quilt but it will be cheerful to build! I love working with bright fabrics.

I am hoping to work on some stitching at the lake this weekend as well. We finally got the added bathroom completed and now can settle the sleeping quarters upstairs and get everything in its place. The mini-remodel has taken way to long in my impatient world but I feel certain character was built. Not really sure whose but built none the less...

Hope everyone finds a little stitching/quilting time this weekend.