Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Has this ever happened to you?

 I just finished the exchange piece so I allowed myself a new start. Rather than grabbing one of the fantastic pieces I have kitted up, I felt the urge to let my fingers walk through a stack of charts and  ended up beginning something totally new. What happens to my brain? I have a bout 4 WIP to choose from and 10 or 12 charts kitted that truly do speak to me. But rather than start one of them or finish a WIP, I get a wild hair to go in a totally different direction. This is a Sheepish Design chart from 1998. It isn't even something shinny and new that caught my eye. It is fun and will be a quick stitch. The pot is rice stitches which are fast and add so much depth. The flowers will be all wonky which will be fun too. I got that much completed last night, really going to be a quick stitch.

I ended up putting my exchange package in the closet while we wait on everyone to receive theirs. I knew when I started think about just taking pictures and opening it but not posting about it that it needed to be out of sight.  It didn't help that every time my son walked by it he shook it and asked what I was waiting on? So it is still sealed, safe and secure in the top of my closet.

One last quick note. I was able to purchase the additional fabric I had originally planned to use for the quilt. It did strip one of the bolts bare but there was enough. If all goes well, there should be enough time Saturday to complete the piece. The ladies at the LQS gave me several tips for the quilting since I was not able to take the beginner class. Hopefully it will not look to shabby.

Happy stitching,

Monday, June 27, 2011

quilt top progress

Friday night I was able to cut the strips and sew all of the strips back together in each of the three color families. Saturday morning, after a shower and some coffee I embarked on cutting the strips into the 6.5 inch blocks. Then laying out the pattern and assembly. Lessons learned. Pin more, I had a good bit of frogging due to the flips which occurred as I picked up the pieces and tried to sew them together. One Row only, at least for me at this point, assemble one row and place it back into the quilt before picking up the next row. Adding could be problematic, the wall hanging was going to be small, I had so much fabric left that I thought I would turn it into a throw for the living room. Now I hope they will still have some fabric left for the back and outer border when I go to LQS this afternoon or I will have to pick out another of each and will have created some stash! :) that would be a shame but I will have to live with the consequences. One side is about a quarter of an inch off(lack of pinning), I will try to adjust it before I move forward with the inner and outer borders. So I had to think a lot hard with this than I do with stitching. I guess that is to be expected after 35 years of stitching verses 3 days of quilting! :) I love the creativity of pulling colors and creating the quilt but it will be much more costly and labor intense than stitching for me. Enjoy it but don't see letting it replace my love of stitching.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to Christmas

I made a few more stitches in one of the four trees last night. It has been easy to fill in the white section of this one. The green was completed at last years retreat. I have one with the white complete waiting on the green. At some point I hope to make it to the specialty stitches at the bottom of these. Four little Christmas snow scenes.

If I am not too tired tonight I want to do the cutting for the quilted wall hanging. I'll keep you posted on that progress. I do have a question. What is the best way to organize and store your fabrics? I am really pleased with the piece I bought for the needlework storage but with quilting comes a new dilemma? Where to hide all the lovely stash which is sure to follow????

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A funny

So here is a funny (or at least it was to me). Last night I was doing the assmebly of an exchange piece. As usual, I was so glad when I got the cording attached and it covered my imperfections. My husband was sitting next to me and I showed it to him. Responce "they all look the same to me, if you want to impress me you will quilt" Of course I chuckled inside, I reached over the nightstand and pulled out a quilting book and told him to pick one out. To my suprise he choose the pattern I have the fabric to start! I wasn't brave enough to show him that, but at least he has given me permission to collect a bit of fabric in the name of quilting. :) It will be much easier for all when he see how much it will cost if I am able to remind him he told me to quilt. :) So there is my funny for today.

I am loving haveing the stash in the bedroom. It is all tucked away. The smaller bins have the fibers and the larger ones have charts and linens. I was also able to put my milkglass collection on the top of the piece to hold stuff too. It just makes me happy to have a good home for everything.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

forgot the title! yikes

Above is the fabrics I spent a little time with the other day. It is waiting to become a quilt-actually a wall hanging. It will be my first one. I got the Alex Anderson Beginning quilts book from the LQS and plan to start this weekend. We will see how it goes. I did really love the fabric and cannot wait to cut and sew! I need more off days. The whole full time job is getting on my nerves right now. I want to play with all my  fabric,fibers, patterns and stuff. To the right you will see my new Stash Containment System(SCS) for the bedroom.We have two lovely walking closests and were able to remove the dressers in the new house.  My husband suggested I move it all downstairs because it was growing that way constantly and I might as well have it neat and orderly in the first level rather than it spreading like an amoeba down here. :) The SCS is 46 X46 and about 14 inches deep. Lovely don't you think and those baskets just screamed needlework storage. I am thinking the open shelf will make a nice start for quilt fabric stash as well.I have been stitching like a mad woman on an exchange piece. So, as I am sure you all know, I cannot post it yet. Sorry to tease but as soon as it is safe and sound in the new home I will show and tell.

It is sad when you are glad the washer died so you can get a morning off to stitch while you wait on the repair man. (todays confession)

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by,

Monday, June 13, 2011

new nest and so much more

This is my new nest containment device. It is a flower frog with and old vase.( first confession) I discovered I had four just like it in the move but I feel certain I'll get another or two from a thrift store if the price is right. They hold hydrangeas so nicely in the summer. That is my favorite flower. The gardenia at the new house did nicely in it as well, I felt guilty enjoying the aroma of them when I had not nurtured them into blooming. Many thanks to the previous owners.(second confession). The house is settled and I have been able to set up a craft room in the spare bedroom. I hope to begin quilting soon as I purchased a new sewing machine during the move as well. (third confession) I have had a little time for stitching as I had to take a business trip last week. I did get quite a bit done on an exchange piece Saturday while pretending to settle the house a bit more (fourth confession) I cannot post the picutres yet but will when the exchange is completed. Charleston SC is a lovely city with some fantastic resturants if you ever have a chance to eat there. Wrap the trip in what ever you need to but definately eat there. There was a nice scooner sunset cruise as well. Very relaxing! No shopping for needlework (how say is that?) Getting internet set up at home this week. It will be great to have my morning coffee and blog again. I have missed reading your blogs and keeping in touch with the stitching world. It has become my most addicting habit that fuels my stash/hoarding/stitching life.(fifth and final confession of the day)
 Thanks for checking in,