Tuesday, June 21, 2011

forgot the title! yikes

Above is the fabrics I spent a little time with the other day. It is waiting to become a quilt-actually a wall hanging. It will be my first one. I got the Alex Anderson Beginning quilts book from the LQS and plan to start this weekend. We will see how it goes. I did really love the fabric and cannot wait to cut and sew! I need more off days. The whole full time job is getting on my nerves right now. I want to play with all my  fabric,fibers, patterns and stuff. To the right you will see my new Stash Containment System(SCS) for the bedroom.We have two lovely walking closests and were able to remove the dressers in the new house.  My husband suggested I move it all downstairs because it was growing that way constantly and I might as well have it neat and orderly in the first level rather than it spreading like an amoeba down here. :) The SCS is 46 X46 and about 14 inches deep. Lovely don't you think and those baskets just screamed needlework storage. I am thinking the open shelf will make a nice start for quilt fabric stash as well.I have been stitching like a mad woman on an exchange piece. So, as I am sure you all know, I cannot post it yet. Sorry to tease but as soon as it is safe and sound in the new home I will show and tell.

It is sad when you are glad the washer died so you can get a morning off to stitch while you wait on the repair man. (todays confession)

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by,


  1. Sorry about your dryer. Enjoy your free morning.
    Love all the new stash.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. that's a lovely piece of furniture you have there - just perfect for stash. and no i do not think it is sad that you unfortunately had to take the morning off to stitch - when you are working full time you need to grab stitchign opportunities however they arise lol!

  3. Sorry the washer but glad you get the morning off to stitch! Love the shelves and baskets!! Just perfect for craft storage!

  4. ooo nice to be able to have it all in one place ... love the storage and mmmmm stitching time yeahhhh :) love mouse xxx

  5. Very lovely stash! Beware with quilting...that gets mighty addictive too. Soon you will find yourself collecting all sorts of fabric and you will have some in your stash that you will find that is too pretty to cut up and you will just want to look at it! LOL I should know. :D That was a great book you bought too. Alex Anderson's books are really well written. Good Luck on your new quilting adventure. Look forward to seeing pictures of your projects.