Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eye on the Sparrow

This is a piece I got back from the framer the day before my husband lost his job. Just a little heads up from someone up above I would say. It had been stitched for months and away a the framers for a while. It was a fresh surprise when I got it from the framer. It is under glass so it had a bit of glare in on my camera unless I placed it at an angle. Things are still going amazingly well with my husbands new business. Matthew 7:25-34 is always one of my favorite passages.My husband would rock our son and sing Eye on the Sparrow when he was a baby at night. 
This is my fourth quilt attempt. I practiced free motion quilting on it. The pattern in the fabric was very forgiving to my learning and so I just relaxed and enjoyed it. I am sure in a few years I will not be happy with the work but the little girl it is for will have enjoyed it still and I will have learned something new. 

We went to Jamaica last week for a vacation and had a wonderful time until the after vacation in the airport in Charlotte.  We were snowed/iced in for 3 days. But once again we were blessed! We got one of the last rooms in the city that night. It was not one but two bedroom suite. God gives more than we ask for! We had a friend call looking  for a hotel and had been told there were no rooms by 18 different hotels. My husband called from his phone and the second one said they had the suite. We booked it and then were told no taxi's were running. We went outside the airport to find a skinny string of taxi's running ( of 800 in the city only 50 were still active per the cab driver) We got in line and I stood in line praying for them to keep coming as they were being taken faster than they were coming. We were in the middle of the line when a driver stopped right in front of me. They took the person from the front of the line and then the driver spoke and said I want to take another fare at the same time and asked where we were going. It was the hotel next door. I laughed as I got in the car. You see, anyone could tell by her accent she was from Russia. I was quite nervous about driving in the ice, sleet and snow with someone unskilled so God sent a driver who could drive in the frozen mess better than most! She became our taxi driver back and forth to the airport and hotel for the 3 days. The second day we took this poor young girl, barely out of her teens, who had been trapped there for 2 days before us. She was from our town and had a break down in front of us in line when they said again all flights were cancelled. She had not had a change of clothes or bathed in 4 days and had been sleeping in the airport for days with strangers all around. She got to the hotel, took the spare room, bathed and slept to wake up and eat and then go back to sleep. We were able to get clothes washed and everything at the hotel. The next day we were all able to fly out after lunch when the temperatures went above freezing. It was so fun to realize all the little ways we were blessed to bless someone else in the middle of a difficult situation.

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