Tuesday, May 31, 2011

back to blogging

We have been a bit overtaken by the move. Joshua was getting on my last nerve so I decided to crate him! Not really of course. He was bored with the hole process and still tries to fit into small spaces. He is 5'11" and wanted to fit into the large dog crate. He made it. Just to be sure he was not abused note the cell phone is in his right hand so he is free to text. Everything is in place except the stitching room. Hopefully that will be finished this week. I have worked a bit on the trees from the VS gingerbread tree etui but not a lot of time for that. Mostly unpacking and sorting out what to send to thrift stores and what to keep. I should have taken care of this before the move but I always worry I will pitch something I need in the new place. Better to make that decision after the move is my moto. Well must run to catch up on blogs and enter all the fantastic giveaways.


Friday, May 20, 2011

are we there yet?

I'm still packing. Not sure it will end. For the last to weeks my husband and I ask each other if it is over yet each morning and night as we are either getting up or going to bed. I think I am one step above a hoarder. My cupboards are packed to the brim with little treasures I find a thrift stores and such to pull out throughout the years. I really need to stop but it is so much fun to find all the odds and ends. I have an antique china pattern I am always on the lookout for more pieces of too. Plus I have this little thing for depression glassware at the right price! Oh well I can think of worse things to spend your time doing. Pictured above is the stitching stash. Just thought we could get that all out in the open since it is on the move Tuesday. It really is amazing how much stuff you can manage to accumulate. I actually pass stuff along to others regular so I am not sure how there is still so much. Obviously no stitching this week. I have a little tote bag with a couple of projects I have not been able to work on but they are pulled out of the chaos "just in case" I am thinking about running away to the not so LNS Saturday but I know that will result in more stash. I just need a break from the mess. I guess that is the real difference in a hoarder and a pack rat. I need the living space clean and closets organized. Hoarders just keep stepping over it all. Have a good weekend all.


Monday, May 16, 2011

prizes,purchases and packing

First up is my lovely give-a-way win from Lee at http://notesfromunderthemountain.blogspot.com/  Everything is just lovely. I placed a quarter next to the fob so you can get an idea of the size. It is really and incredible little piece. Fun charms and beads to play with, a new to me fiber brand and a cute floss tag. Second is my stash haul. I got a total of eight new charts, most of which seemed to have a bunny theme. Not sure where that really came from but I love them all. Cannot decide which to stitch first(of course). Last I am packing to move. We close on the sell of our house today in a couple of house. Still waiting on the paperwork to finish up on the one we are purchasing. Thanks to all the fine folks in foreclosure it has never been so difficult to get a mortgage. (I am sure they would have rather had their homes but you know all I can think of right now is how it is effecting me) Hopefully we will get the final piece of paper we are waiting on today and can close on Wednesday as planned. I know God has a plan and right about now my husband and I hope we heard Him correctly but it is looking like we might have had a bit of wax in our ears. Always and adventure with Jesus.

Monday, May 9, 2011

mailbox fun yesterday

I know it was Sunday but I didn't get to check the mail on Saturday. I walked down yesterday afternoon when we got in from church and lunch and found a treasure. My sweet California friend sent me the ladybug chart, scissor kit, ladybug stichers and the most yummie red linen to stitch up the piece she just posted on her blog. Hop over and check it out if you haven't seen it. http://www.teresasheartfletstiches.blogspot.com/ . It was a great suprise. My husband and I agreeded that there would be no Mother's Day gift becasue we are moving at the end of the month and I'll need new stuff for the house then. So we went out to dinner and took my mom but I was feeling a little low there was not a prize for me. It was a well timed suprise. I managed to actually pack 2 boxes last night too. The realtors keep telling us to wait but with a move 2 weeks away I don't think I can wait much longer. Our house looks all picked up but in my closets I am quite the hoarder. I have lots of stuff to pack from the closest and such. Then there is the basement with the long forgotten basket- need I say more? Still waiting on my shopping spree to arrive. Maybe today...

Have a great day,

Saturday, May 7, 2011

stitching school

While at a local craft store Thursday night, I heard a very nice sounding person asking the clerk about cross stitch supplies from one isle away. The ever so clueless clerk had no idea how to help so being a over helpful southerner I butted in and gave a small re-direction to my friend Crystal. After a short conversation I realized she really wanted to learn about stitching and so I invited her to come over this morning to start her stitching addiction. (we always need more people in the cult) She spent about 2 hours learning the basics and took the chart and threads home to finish, She struggled abit with her vision and we decided she needed to get a light and magnifiers to help her work. I also introduced her to blogland to help her learn from others. This prevented my planned outing to the not so LNS but how much more stash can one collect. I had a weak moment on Tuesday and did a bit of Internet shopping. I'll post that haul as soon as it arrives. (hurry, hurry, hurry) Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day.


Monday, May 2, 2011

change of plans

Our weekend for adults turned into a family weekend but we had a great time at the beach on the bikes. We took out kids with us to the biker event, wonderful weather, safe ride, and good seafood. We were just so thankful to have our homes and families in one piece after the terrible devastation that took a lot of the northern half of Alabama hostage last Wednesday. We lost power for a couple of days but we were already headed out so even that was a minor inconvenience. So many communities were destroyed by the tornado. It was a mile wide and  traveled 189 miles on the ground. It was worse than watching the movie Twister because it was real. We were watching it wipe out the town about 60 miles southeast of us and knew it was headed for us. It touched down hard again about 5 miles south of my community in a connecting community.  It is good to see that people pull together an help each other out in these difficult times. The churches have been filled with people donating time, supplies and prayer for those in need. http://www.myfoxal.com/ has great coverage of the storm and relief work if you are interested in seeing. On the stitching front I managed so sneak in an hour here and there for my VS Gingerbread Tree Etui. My goal is to complete by the fall retreat where Thea will be producing another lovely project. I didn't make good progress at the  last retreat so I hope to show I do actually stitch at this one!lol http://www.stitchingretreat.com/autumn-2011-retreat/  Well I must feed the troops. Can't stay in blogland forever.(you know it takes a while to get caught up when you have been away for 4 days)