Thursday, July 26, 2012

Geometrically Challenged

This is a sad story of a woman who really wants to quilt but who is so very, very geometrically challenged(GC) that it may never move forward. Can you guess this is a pinwheel from the GC quilter? This is my test pinwheel from scraps to try to make sure I am ending up with the correct size for the quilt I am currently working on. I need to make 8 of them for this pattern. As long as it took me to do this last weekend it could take weeks to make 8. 
So what is a girl to do but add more Stash! Don't you love these fabrics? I bought a few to play with at a quilt shop DH and I found when we were visiting his family in North Carolina last week. 
And these! I got a great deal on them. I have some wording panels that I plan to work into them. But for now I am stuck on pinwheels.
 DS wanted Beignet's for his dessert for his 16th birthday. He ate 2 plates of these and was still wanting more. We spent the day Tuesday getting his Driver's License. It is like a new wave of fear and suffering every few minutes as I realize he is on the roads alone now. 

I was able to do a bit of stitching on my BAP but I realized that I am off on part of it and need to rip it out an stitch it again. You can clearly see it now that the last piece of the inner boarder is in. I did not weather to cry or scream when I realized it. I tried to adjust it but there was just not adjusting this error without a seam ripper. YUCK! I have been working on this piece off and on for  10 years. So ready to be finished with it all and send it to the framer. 

The heat and humidity here is something you have to feel to believe. Needed a bath after unloading the groceries the other day. I was talking to a neighbor in the cul-de-sac after I was finished with the car. In 15 minutes outside every bit of my clothes were soaked through. Just standing talking. Just gotta love Alabama in July and August! 

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Pie Time

I guess it has been pie season at our house. I have been baking several types. The above is a traditional apple made with fresh granny smiths. It was for Father's Day. My uncle who is 70 rode his motorcycle from Texas to Alabama and stayed with my mom for a few weeks at the lake. Apple is one of his favorites and mine. 
Next up was Lemon Meringue.  Made it the following weekend for a family gathering. It last about 10 minutes once it is cut. It is an old family recipe. My great Aunt says it came from her grandmother, trying to figure out how far back that is makes my head hurt a bit. It has a lemon curd style filling and just melts in your mouth.
Then for the 4th of July I made a favorite from my childhood. Banana Split Pie. Should have throw a few blue berries on top for the red white and blue but I love it without them. it is light and cool for the hot southern July days.
 Finally, I was able to get the cording on my camp fob last Sunday while we were driving o the lake. Attached it to my shinny new pair of Dovo's from Camp as well. Sadly the camp trip is the last time I have really been able to stitch with any consistence. I started Fredrick and Fredricka over the 4th while we were at the lake. I plan to have them live there when they are complete so it seemed like the right place to start stitching them. I have only gotten about half way around the boarder  in one color so there really isn't much to show there yet. 677 really doesn't pop on the fabric until it has company. Guess that is all for my update. A lot more pie time than stitching time for me. Hope you are all getting more stitching time in than me.

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