Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can't Sleep

I have been awake since about 4 and cannot sleep. Don't you just hate it when that happens? So I decided to get up and work on the old blog a bit. I have added a few tabs across the top. This was a pretty major accomplishment for someone a technologically challenged as me. I didn't even have to ask my son the tech guru how to get it done! However I am sure if I had they would look a bit nicer than they do but he can fancy up his own blog if he ever has one.... I will try to update with recipes and older stitching. It is a nice way to consolidate all of my older stuff. I just took a few shots from my walls and I am sure more will follow. Last night I finished sewing the binding on my first quilt. It was relaxing to do the hand work while we watched TV. I didn't have to break out the tanning bed light as my family so rudely calls my Ottlite. Being ever so supportive, I here comments like I am draining the power from the neighborhood or exposing them to UV rays when it is on.It is fun to flip it up when they are not expecting it and watch them jump from the light shocking their systems. (insert evil laugh)
This is the fabrics for the next one, hopefully progress a bit faster now that I am over the initial fear of quilting. So glad I didn't throw the first one in the trash as the mean lady a the LQS suggested when she found out I did not square each block before assembly. I am quite happy with the finished piece. The second one had scriptures woven into the blocks. I am working on it for a former employee who got into medical school. She was such a delight to work with and I wanted to remind her someone is praying for her 5 states away. She is an example of the Beatitudes that will be woven into the piece.

Thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ready for camp!

I got my little spring small set completed this weekend so I am all ready for camp. The scissors are from the love and friendship exchange I participated in earlier this month. This was the first time I tried a finish with all that ruffled up ribbon. Let's just say I am not sure I have the patience for it! It slips and slides everywhere while you try to put the beads in to tack it in place. That silly little fob took me 2 nights to get the ribbon wrapped around. All's well that ends well....I won and it is in place. The book has a pocket inside where I put the matching tape measure for the scissors and the other side has a needle page. 
This is what I sent to Catherine it was fun to stitch for her and make a new needle work friend. I did wait until I got back from Utah and my SB trip hoping to find a little something extra to add for her. I received from Kaye
The exchanges are so much fun to plan to send. I had so much fun this time I actually forgot I was getting something in the mail until it came. How spacey is that? (not necessary to answer)
This weekend I was in finally finished mode and made up several pillows from stuff I had stitched int he past. I love the way these colors matched the fabric choice I had in my stash. Turned out really nice for a first attempt. I got three total finished. Good progress for a Susie crafting Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I am suffering with the rest of you ladies with blogger and posting comments. How long before they realize their upgrade was a downgrade? 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

small finish

This is a little finish I completed this past weekend. It was my travel home pattern from my stitching retreat last fall. It finally got around to the actual finish. I have completed several little pillows like this in the last few weeks and it is a fun and quick finish. Great way to use up the fat quarter stash! 
This is one of the smalls for the spring retreat upcoming. Still undecided if it will turn into a needle book or pincushion. The future fob is all stitched as well. I am working on what the designer intended to be a needle roll but am thinking it will be a flat book for tools and basket will become the pincushion. Should be finished by this weekend so I will need to stop waffling on my choice and commit to a plan. I am stitching them on spun silver 28ct. Chart is HIH spring fobs. 

Hope you have all recovered from your Valentine chocolates!

Happy stitching,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

a finish and a start

The finish is Linen and Lace. This is an older Drawn Thread piece and was so much fun to stitch. The green linen is not showing so well but it is lovely in person. I was able to put the date and silver heart charm on this one first thing Saturday morning. 

Next up was baking a few heart shaped treats for the weekend. This was a really easy and very good sugar cookie recipe I found on the back of the Valentine M&M's bag. I think I have made 3 batches this year and only a few left. They disappear fast! 
On the way back from the post office I got the call that the framer had completed by Dandelion Sampler. They have had it since the week after Christmas but had limited shop hours with the owners mom taking sick several hours away. I think it was well worth the wait and they will be getting L&L as soon as they are accepting new work again. 
We were able to travel to Bryce Canyon National Park (above) and Zion National Park (below) when we were in Utah week before last. Both are lovely but Zion to me was truly majestic is it views. Hint for travelers... If you go in winter you are about the only one there! It was like having a private viewing of God's creation.
The start for the week is my small set for the spring retreat at the Silver Needle. Teresa and I are headed out in 45 days(if I am counting correctly) for a much needed rest and stitching escape! Pictures of the set soon. It is dark outside and past my bedtime. I tried 3 times to update yesterday. Either my computer, blogger or both were not being user friendly and I failed at each attempt. Almost at the end here and glad of it! :) Computers are the best and worst of friends.....

Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to join my stitching  journey.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I find myself trying to recover this week. Recovery from not reading blogs for 5 days last week. I am just like a kid and feel like I miss something wonderful if I don't catch up. Recovery from being away from he house 5 days. Normal mom chores are just taking control at this point. Recovery from missing 4 work days..... we will just skip that one. Recovery from a wonderful shopping trip to a brick and mortar shop on my list for at least 15 years. The person organizing the trip for work said she had never had a faster response than my plea to go when she sent out a location request. Where you might wonder? Why no other than Ogden Utah! I know I don't have to tell you stitch-a-holics the name of the little design shop located there. It was all that I expected and more. Every wall was covered just like the photo above with models. It was fantastic and a bit overwhelming at the same time.
 This is the area behind the cash register. Wonder what that thing rings up a day? Both of the owners were present and very pleasant as I have always heard they would be. I had about an hour to spend really only need about 12 more to take it all in. At 20 minutes past closing time they were trying to see if there was anything specific I needed.... about another day to shop and several thousand dollars. There was a wonderful wall of shop fabrics that took your breath away. I believe they were mostly Moda and a fat quarter of each print on the entire wall seemed a bit much to ask of people so I passed as it was too hard to choose. Did I mention I was a bit overwhelmed? I need a hour or so to do a first pass, a break with a cup of coffee or tea and then return to power shop in a place as large and fantastic as this....
As sad as it is this is all I could muster up to buy in just over an hour at the world famous Shepherd's Bush. The shop next door appeared to be available. I do hope they are planning to consume the space. Six kits, 4 necklaces, 2 pendants, a couple of fobs and finishing stuff....Just love it all!

I wanted a picture in front of the shop but I was alone and too embarrassed to ask for someone to click a picture. One of those things I'll regret I am sure....

Made good progress on Linen and Lace but I'll save that for another post as well as the pictures of Utah outside the shop. It is a great state to visit if you have a chance. Majestic to say the least. God did a wonderful job making those mountians and countryside.

thanks for stopping by,