Thursday, March 31, 2011


It has been a crazy week but I was able to sew up  the needle roll last night. I started a fob I am doing in an exchange but that should not take but a hot minute to complete. I am thinking about the Jeanny Bean Creation Sampler next or the Drawn Thread Treasure Box. My  goal was to complete the UFO's in my project bag , but, I will not make it. I did get three complete so I shall reward myself with a new start. There are only 3 UFO's left to complete so that is not too terrible. Cut the number in half in a month. It has turned off so cold here I should be stitching something Christmas but spring will have us hot soon enough and then I will want to stitch something bright and cheerful. It has felt like every day has been April Fool's this week. Wonder what tomorrow will hold? Glad it will be Friday and Saturday is free for stitching.


Monday, March 28, 2011

double buttonhole assembly

if you are smart you will do this on a doodle cloth first. Or you could be like me and just live with the consequences of not doodling. All that is left is to sew this one up the back, stuff the lovely piece (aka demon monster) and run a ribbon through to cinch it closed. All in all I am happy with the finish but it was just one of those pieces you seem to have to correct alot and redo several sections. Just me I am sure.In another 12 years I should have the needlebook done. Okay what you really want to see is the stash hall from the  not-so LNS Saturday.I drove in a incredible rainstorm to the destination and was rewarded with a wonder visit where I picked up 3 new charts, a couple of new scissors, silk floss, mother of pearl thread holders, a 30 count red pomegranate R&R linen, some John James  petites I was in desperate need of and of course the $2.35 of fabric to line the dogwood demon. As promised I cleaned after my 5 hours or so in the shop. I was few good initially and bought only a handful of things. Over lunch I meditated on items not purchased and  with a right mind from the full stomach I returned to conquer the remaining haul (spending twice the initial amount of course)  Back to complete the needleroll ... 

Confession is good for the soul,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can you keep a secret?

The dogwood needleroll is almost complete.This will be well within my self imposed deadline of March 31st.  I need to get some fabric for the backing. Lucky for me there is a quilt shop combined with a not-so-LNS only 90 minutes away. So I get to go stash shopping  today!!! I am just a bit excited. My husband thinks I'm cleaning house today while he works, I'm sure I'll get it done after a bit of stash enhancement. I'll up date on that later when the NR is complete. One month of blogging today. It has really helpped me to get back  to get back to my stitch therapy. Thanks to Teresa for talking me into this. Be sure and check out her giveaway at it looks like a great prize package. 

Shopping awaits!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

cording, like love,

covers a multitude of sins. I have finished the Stitching Chair Necessaire. The really messy side of my chair didn't make it into the picture for those of you who are wondering where all the usual bits and pieces of a stitching nest are hiding. I rewarded myself with a cute pair of silver embossed scissors from Hobby Lobby yesterday to rest in the pocket.They don't feel as junkie as I had expected but not as nice as my Dovo's by any strech. So this is two of my outstanding UFO's completed and 4 left to stitch and assemble. Better than none but not exactly a smoking needle. Okay no more excuses I will have to face the Dogwood Stitchery needleroll I have been avoiding. I have a full day planned on a LNS run when I get that one finished. I have done a bit of on line window shopping for some new stash and plan to make the run on schedule at the end of the month. If it takes me 12 years to finish the  needleroll how long should I allow for the needlebook? That's a painfuly question you must admit.


Monday, March 14, 2011

fear of finishing

that is what I'm going to call this one. I have had this lovely Hillside Samplings Stitching Chair Necessaaire with the basic stitching complete sine 2002. I read the finishing instructions and I am just not sure what happens to me. There are so many ways to mess up those lovely parts that the assembly is overwhelming. I did work on finishing a small needlebook this weekend. All I have left is the cording and I am done with it. I think it was my courage builder for the SCN. The pockets are finished. The fob is closed but not  corded. The pin cusion needs ... a fair amount of energey to assemble. We will see. Hopefully by this weekend I can have a completed show and tell. At least I made progress with the needle book. I'll post a picture after I cord tonight.

all confessed out,

Thursday, March 10, 2011


not much of a confession that I love suprises, we all do. I went on a mini-missions trip with the youth in our church last week and when I go home I had the most wonderful suprise from Teresa at it was a lovely beaded clover pin and yummie homemade suckers which are I believe white chocolate. I took my stitching along but the trip but we were way to busy to work on it which made me very sad. Guess that is selfish enough for a confession. Of course it wasn't a stitching trip but I always try to make a few crosses on the road, no go with a van full of teens.Still plan to work on Dogwood Stitchery this month. Maybe saturday will allow some much needed needle and thread time. Cannot think of anything juicy to confess today, just wanted to say thanks to Teresa.