Thursday, September 29, 2011

Super Heros

I am sure you will all think this is as funny as I did last night. My step-daughter is living with us again and it is much nicer this time around. She is really working on being a mature young lady with goals and a good purpose in life. A WIP but definately progress. Last night when she got in from church she said "What are you working on now?" I had just started the Chessies and Me on the left. Autumn Blessing. The she said "you must be a cross stich superhero because you finish so fast and are always working on something else" My husband and I just died laughing. I thouhgt it was so cute. I am so glad all the fun side of her are showing instead of the dark side.

The stash above is what I picked up at LNS saturday. 2 yards of linen, sevral fall charts and one winter and fall overdyes. There were a couple little things for exchanges I can't show yet but they will appear soon.(How is that for a cliffhanger?)

Thanks for all the birthday wished. DH took me to TwentySix. A local spot 2 brothers both born on the 26th(like me ) run. I had the Shrimp and Grits. Let the waitor talk me into them. They were good but I always like my own better. (This is not the case in all meals) They were a bit shy of sauce for me.
Thanks for the Birthday wishes.Ya'll all know I got myself that little retreat too. 7 glorious day of no one asking me whats for dinner. (I actually like to cook but not on demand) Departure is T-11 AND COUNTING!!! :)

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

acorns abound

Yesterday when I got home from a long work week I was more than wonderfully surprised by an early arrival of a Birthday package, It started with lovely wrapping that were too much fun to open. Everyone gathered to watch the unveiling and were amazed to see all the goodies stitched with love. Teresa has been busy stitching acorns in secret. Look at the wonderful package filled with acorns and squirrels. A tote bag and a zippered project bag. A fall chart, acorn buttons and charms, a acorn box, a box filled with some polished acorns. I might just be the most fall fabulous person at the stitching retreat! :) Can y'all stand if I post another countdown? Okay I will. In just 17 days I will be in New England for the retreat. I took myself on a little birthday shopping spree today at LNS.(If I didn't who would?) Stitched for several hours and had the best time chatting it up there. It is really a great group on Saturdays. There is a great sandwich shop just around the corner. The best chicken salad sandwich in the state, it has cashews and dried cranberries and just a hint of mayo on whole wheat. Plus they have great coffees. All in all a fantastic start to Monday's one year older event. How can I be this old? I just don't feel this old.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

to bead or not to bead

This is my set to take to the stitching retreat in just 23 days for me! So my question is to bead or not to bead? I went to LNS and she talked me into treasures and beads. I have the treasures on but not the beads. I cannot decide about the beads. They are not really true to HIH to me but they would look nice in the cording. vote please

I also worked on a exchange piece this weekend. I will not torture you all with the saga of running over dyed threads. Thanks to several ice baths the bleeding ended and I was able to finish the piece. I never have had much of a problem with this in the past but all the sudden it seems to have reared its ugly head. Maybe it is all over now and I have to deal with it no more.

Josh didn't have a meet this weekend so Saturday was a lazy day. No more of those until Nov. 12 or something crazy  like that.At least I know my real purpose.... Stitching Retreat in 23 days. Focus, focus, focus. 

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Exchange

I have been about to pop to post the summer exchange piece I received from Melanie in the UK. That is the only bad thing I can find in the exchanges is waiting on permission to post your prize. It is such a treat to receive a lovely stitched piece from another stitcher from someplace in the small cross-stitch world. My family always gets as excited as me to see where they package is coming from and what is inside. This exchange was summer holiday themed and my piece made me want to set up to stitch by the shore and watch the sail boats come in. Truly a lovely piece.Melanie included chocolates shaped like ice cream cones, some antique styled ribbons, a fat quarter for finishing, NPS in gold and DT check book cover August. It makes me want to get the rest.(big shock there)
Above is the tropical theme package I sent to Loretta in Canada. I was longing for the beach (St George Island, FL) while I stitched. We go there for a week every couple of years. This year was a mountain trip so no ocean sound and seafood extravaganza for me.

I am putting the finishing touches on the small fall set as soon as I get off this computer. Just 29 days away! Nataly posted they still have a few spots open. Dig out that plastic and come join us! The fall colors will be going and most importantly you get to stitch the days away You deserve a vacation .     

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Baking Season

The Labor Day brought lots of rain-8 inches and much cooler weather. It got me in the mood for some fall baking. This is an Apple Cream Cheese cake with Praline glaze. Recipe is in this months Southern Living Mag. It took me an hour and a half total time. They say it will be 4.5 hours start to finish. Not sure who figures that for them but they are a bit off. Also, The recipe called for allspice and I would substitute  cloves if I made it again. Allspice was a little off to me. It is going back up into the mid 80's this weekend but the few days we had of fall weather were wonderful. I cannot wait for it to stay cooled off.

I have been stitching an exchange piece so I cannot post that yet. This weekend after my sons cross-country race I plan to get some finishing done. The fall pieces and the quilt I hope. I husband is complaining I have not finished it yet. If he only knew how much unfinished stuff I have- scary I think.

Have a good weekend,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raining Stash

It is finally raining here again. I don't think August brought us a single drop of rain but this morning it is a wonderful slow rain.I am looking on the back deck as it comes down and my plants already look happier.A few of the trees have begun to turn and drop some fall leaves as well. Yesterday was the first full day of college football. A religion all its own here in the state of Alabama. I was glad to stitch and watch hours of it as well. 

Friday I went to pick up a few things I had on order at LNS. After a night of stash sorting I found I still needed 2/3 of PS alphabet and HIH Summer and Spring Fobs. Oldies but goodies and I am one of those sick people who needs all the set. I also picked up the Christmas ornament issue of JCS, (have all those too) and the issues needed for the seasonal band sampler I found in the Halloween issue. JSC was never a mag I liked but they seemed to have picked up the pace a bit and I am liking them better. Might just order the year next year. I also got the last of the mystery sampler that BOF did earlier this year. I know I am slightly behind some of you that have already completed. I just love the painted Thread Keep too. I hope they do more because we all know that is enough for just a few threads and I might be able to fill a second. 

41 days until the needle work retreat-but who is counting.

Happy Holiday Weekend,