Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Exchange

I have been about to pop to post the summer exchange piece I received from Melanie in the UK. That is the only bad thing I can find in the exchanges is waiting on permission to post your prize. It is such a treat to receive a lovely stitched piece from another stitcher from someplace in the small cross-stitch world. My family always gets as excited as me to see where they package is coming from and what is inside. This exchange was summer holiday themed and my piece made me want to set up to stitch by the shore and watch the sail boats come in. Truly a lovely piece.Melanie included chocolates shaped like ice cream cones, some antique styled ribbons, a fat quarter for finishing, NPS in gold and DT check book cover August. It makes me want to get the rest.(big shock there)
Above is the tropical theme package I sent to Loretta in Canada. I was longing for the beach (St George Island, FL) while I stitched. We go there for a week every couple of years. This year was a mountain trip so no ocean sound and seafood extravaganza for me.

I am putting the finishing touches on the small fall set as soon as I get off this computer. Just 29 days away! Nataly posted they still have a few spots open. Dig out that plastic and come join us! The fall colors will be going and most importantly you get to stitch the days away You deserve a vacation .     

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  1. What fun exchanges. And you're making such great friendships. Way to go!

  2. lovely exchanges :) and its great when you get them isn't it :) and would love to come but I don't have a passport yet ;9 love mouse xxxx

  3. Counting the days right with you.
    Still want the cookie.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches