Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finally Finished Finishes!

It has been a scary productive weekend. I was able to get the house all decorated for Christmas, Pansy Pots for the front porch are planed with a new rosemary tree on either side of the front door. Summer was a bit harsh on the ones I purchased last year. I think the week we left in July was just a bit much for them because they were a bit crispy and never recovered. Cooked many meals, and finally finished the 8 ornaments hiding in stitching piles from previous years. I believe there are 4 from 2003 and the rest were from week 51 last year. I had just really gotten my Christmas stitching fever when everyone was saying "Happy New Year" so into a need to be finished basket they went.

Did I mention I worked on a bit of stash organization as well? I rotate between happy to pet my pretties..., I'll never in my lifetime get this all stitched..., I've been looking for that... and how do I get so far behind? every time I do this, but it is done for a few more months and I can stop feeling stressed about not being able to find what I am searching for in my stitching nest. At least for the first few projects I start it will all be in order again. My every so helpful mom accused me of playing with it all. She was sure it would go much faster if I didn't stop and admire each and every item I was trying to organize. I am sure you will all agree you have to meditate on each bit and bob a while to ensure you are organizing it properly. After all, this time the organization will take and all stay in it's place rather than go into a wild mixture of chaos. That is what we tell ourselves? Or am I the only one?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday Catherine posted her new bed fellow Panzer. I had to laugh. This is what either me or m husband wake to as soon as their is a free spot in our bed. DH went hunting this morning and so I got him today. Yes he actually tucks himself under the covers! Very bad weimaraner-Moses his his given name but we just call him big dawg most days.

Lots of cooking to do today. Better stop blogging.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fallscape and exchange

 So excited I can finally share my little fallscape on my entrance table. The amazing Autumn pillow is from the 2012 stitched with love   fall exchange, lovely cornucopia box is from Angela's fall exchange last year, amazing flat is from Melanie's Prairie Schooler exchange last year. The mill hill squirrel box and acorns are from Teresa at last year's fall retreat, and the cute owl was a wonderful surprise from April. The needle roll I designed years ago for a fall retreat. It is so fun to me that all of this came from blogging friends all over and a small piece of you is here with me this fall.
Isn't this a great surprise? This was what I received from Renee. She really out did herself on this one. The stitched Autumn pillow with pom-pom fringe is just too cute, cookie cutters that I plan to use for some Thanksgiving pie crust, Be thankful coasters a JCS fall issue, owl towel, ribbons and floss, and a great fall primitive chart. Thank you again Renee. 
This is what I sent  Shirlee. I sprinkled some artificial fall leaves I found in the box for fun. Sullivan threads to try and the acorn needle book in the JCS fall issue. 

Well I have stopped work on the Fred's to make a few Christmas smalls. Hope to be able to work on them quickly so I don't loose momentum on the Fred's. Try not to get overwhelmed with Thanksgiving and remember to enjoy your time with family and friends. 

thanks for visiting,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boarder time

I have been doing a good bit of mindless stitching on the Fred's boarder. I am joining them together on one fabric so I tried to figure away to unite them as one piece. The long rectangle is my solution. I will fill it in with the bands of color that are under the birds in the individual graphs. I did the space 9 squares wide to match the width of the diamonds. Hopefully this will tie them together. I just could not get a picture of the 2 diamond bands on the outer boarder meeting well. Last night I was able to stitch the diamond frames and tonight I hope to but the black strip inner boarder. This will allow me to start stitching something besides boarder when I get tired of it. Surprisingly I have been happy to work on it. It allows me to stitch the pattern without worrying about the chart so I can just zoom though without really thinking about it.  It is also moving much faster than I thought it would.

Really should be thinking about some holiday stitching right now. Maybe a few ornaments and such for my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree from last year. I had a 4 day weekend last week and I am afraid I was not as productive as I should have been with stitches. I choose to pet my fibers, fabrics and charts instead. This can be a bit detrimental as one can become overwhelmed with the mass of it all! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fun Day Trip

This past Friday, April and I were finally able to meet up and ride a short 70 minutes away to a most wonderful LNS. The Cross stitch Peddler in Decatur. I say short 70 minutes because time and miles fly when you are running your mouth and laughing the entire trip. Being a pair of very bad bloggers, neither April or myself had enough brain power to snap a photo. We had one mission, petting as many fibers, fabrics and charts as possible while we were in the shop. I think we were pretty successful. I picked up a few Thanksgiving charts sure to be stitched in time for this years festivities- NOT! Some silk gaze kits because I have only 2 waiting. Plus and old DT -The Good Neighbor, it was only $6- who could resist? 
This photo does not to the fabrics justice. Maureen has the best selection at her shop. The is a coffee type with flecks of brown bits, golden piece, vintage antiques white, lavender-pink-grey piecce, painted earth piece and a piece that looks like robins eggs. bought as much as I could afford but not all I wanted of course. 

I was going to snap a photo of the Java-Jay's Cashew Chicken Salad sandwich but I was starving by the time we got there and I just inhaled it. Maybe next trip....It truly is my favorite chicken salad sandwich. It has dried cranberry and just enough mayo. They serve it on whole grain bread with  a pickle spear, kettle chips and a brownie bite just in case anyone is reading hungry. 

April graciously allowed me to show her my children, otherwise known as completed projects. She wandered through the house and was very kind as I showed her the pieces. 

We reality will close in from my 4 days off work bright and early in the morning. It was a nice break in the normal pace to be able to spend a day at the stitch shop and play with the haul through the weekend. If only my fingers worked as fast as my eyes see them finished.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me,