Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is finally here!

First up is a finish from the LHN 2012 Market release. A Stitcher's Heart. I was able to get this done last month but an just now posting a pic. Thinking about turning it into a set for retreats. You finish this as a pillow so it would be like a pin pillow for my retreat stitching station. There was another piece in the release called Gentle Stitches. This was from Shakespeare' s Peddler. I am thinking about turning it into the mat for my station with some quilted stitches and trims. I added the button from my old button jar. They come from my great aunt's buttons and my step-dad's mom. She was always known as Miss Evelyn to me. A very sweet lady who raised a good son.I miss them both. 

We have finally made it to Spring. It has been a cold winter for the South. We are normally just a few cold days in January and then very mild temperatures. I am sure the rest of the country is much colder and had many more harsh days but it was cold here for me and I am not usually bothered by it. The Japanese cherry blossom trees and the Bradford pears are blooming like crazy all around. The daffodils and forsythia are going strong as well. All of this creates a wash of pale yellow on everything. We call it the yellow river after rain from all the pollen. I knew it was starting 
Monday when I pulled out of the garage and my car was covered in the pale yellow haze. My eyes will be gummy soon and sinuses fight the annual battle against infection caused by the full explosion of Spring.  

We have been busy getting our house ready to sell. As soon as my son graduates in May we hope to move to the lake full time. Below is my stitching nest last weekend. It makes for quite a nice view to work with needle and thread. It was a bit overcast but still warm enough to sit outside and sew the day away. We put together new deck sets that are a bit higher so the rail in not in your line of vision first so there was a bit of work in the day.  

Happy Spring and thanks for stopping by,