Thursday, January 10, 2013

Still in the Snow

I know its dark but here is the snowman progress on my snowman piece. I have not had a tremendous amount of stitching time the last couple of weeks and that clearly shows on this piece. I have one and a half snowman bodies left to stitch and then it will be filling in the details of the limbs and all the little birdies on the piece. I had hoped to complete this one by January 1 but alas it is still a WIP. I am really ready to start one of my SL pieces but I don't want to stop the snowman piece for fear of it becoming a UFO. I am sure this concept  is familiar to many of you.

We have sold our small lake cabin that we share with my mom. She bought a larger place so she could stay there year round. It is positioned better on the water and has 3 times the space so we can all stay there and still have our privacy. I think long term it is a much better solution. Short term it is really eating into my needlework time. Monday I took off to move all the stuff from one spot to the other before the sale. We left furniture and it still took 4 loads in the truck. I was of course whipped at the end of it all. As soon as the updates are complete in the new place she will be heading out of my house and back to the lake. For those of you keeping up with it all this is the 3rd time I have moved her in a year with number 4 in the near future. I guess the final goal will be worth it but I am tired of clutter and chaos. A good me day of stitching is in order but I am not sure when that will occur either. Hopefully soon!

Happy New Year and many stitches to all,