Wednesday, April 27, 2011

UFO #4

I tried really, really hard to follow the directions but when it was all said and done there were a couple of changes. I added Mother of Pearl buttons and moon rather than the brass charms provided. I was rumbling thru by box of goodies and they just called to me- maybe even screamed - use me instead. I do have quite a thing for the Mother of Pearl (even if it is plastic) I have loved it since I was little and would find pieces of it in my great aunts jewlery box. I am sure I drove her mad with my plundering. I just could not resist using them and they really pop on the fabric I think. The other thing I was really bad about was the assembly of the hearts. The pins and needles heart was meant to be in the center so you would see it when it was open but that was going to make it upside down.So, I moved the back cover (sheep and intials) to the center and they end up right side up when it is open. I really loved this piece, the sheep are fun, the lettering is great and assembly was realitively easy. It is Hillside Samplings 2002 heart box. Should have taken a picture of the painted box that matches the front of the piece but forgive me, in the midsit of the 5AM tornado warning it slipped my mind. We have spent more time in the basement this spring than I care to think about with the tornado warnings. I am down to 2 UFO's now - VS gingerbread tree etui and I sign not for beauty sampler. I am pondering this...How long does it take to go from a WIP to a UFO? Would you say weeks, months, or years? Maybe it is just when the piece stops calling for you to stitch on it any longer. Or, like this one,I hit a road block trying to figure out what wasn't "fitting" on the piece for me. (brass charms and upside down wording)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I need a snail mail for...

First I'll take a minute and thank all of you for following, posting links and entering the give-away. I have already increased my circle of the stitching world and found some great blogs to follow as well. It has been fun to meet y'all and hopefully we continue to bond thru stitches and the ever dreaded stash addiction. I enlisted the skills of my 14 year old Josh to mix and draw.He actually acted shy for about 2 seconds about being posted on the blog- then I told him he was already on it from the motorcycle ride a couple of weekends ago. (evil mom) So he reverted to his goofy look for the pic. I am at this point wondering how long I can type without revealing the winner.... hummm.... I could talk about leaving on mini-vacation in a couple of days, the assembly crisis on my current needlebook, the bad behavior of the rotten dogs this morning, or what on earth do I want to cook for dinner... or I could just tell Nancy over at that she is the winner of my small, smalls giveaway. So Nancy send me your snail mail please.  pdbstitches (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for spending a few minutes of your day reading about our mutal love of needlework and addition to stash.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

spring exchange

this a lovely fob I recieved from Linda in Oregon yesterday. With it she graceously included a LK flip-it with 4 overdied threads. The postcards made me want to hop a plane right then for the other side of the country. The next photo is the back side of the piece she sent me and a duplicate of the piece  I sent her. I did the fob off the DT treasure box and wasn't sure about the finish because of the little pocket on the piece so I did a trial one for me. Glad I did because I liked hers better. It was narrower and a little longer. Mine is a little on the fluffy , wide side. The exchange was hosted by the UK Friendly Stitchers group that I found on Mouses blog.
it has been a very inviting group. 5 more days left for the small, smalls give-a-way. Please sent your bloggland friends by to sign up. Off to work for me now. Just had to post the wonderful exchange piece. Isn't the internet wonderful for connecting all of us in  the crossstitch cult? (my husbands name for all of us)


Saturday, April 16, 2011

small, smalls give-a-way

I am stalled at 18 followers, so in a shameless attempt to increase followers I found a cute little freebie to turn into a small needle book and fob to offer as an incentive to becoming a follower. Probably should have cloaked the give-a-way in the 2 month of blogging cape but I am that rare breed of southern girl. Painfully honest. I am skilled at the cloak as most southern women but today I am just lacking the energy. After putting my cording on an exchange fob this morning and gathering up a few other items that needed to go to the post office I manged to tumble down the stairs and fall on my right arm. Included in this little adventure is twisting my right foot-now swollen- and pulling something in my left calf so that I cannot put weight on either side really. Persistent as always I pulled myself together an went to my local post office only to recall they are no longer open on Saturdays. Guess it will all have to wait until Monday. Also included in the give-a-way will be some yummy silk  fibers and anything else I get the urge to add in at the last minute. 1 entry for becoming a follower (existing followers get that free) and 1 entry for a blogg link. This will run until April 26th so I can pop it in the mail before my motorcycle trip planned with my hubby and friends. Thanks to my mom for making that possible by staying with Josh and the dogs while we ride. Rotten dogs pictured above.

There is a mega give-a-way at This one is huge  people go sign up if you haven't already.

Post a comment to sign up for the  the small, smalls give-a-way.

Confess I am too clumsy these days.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

framed finishes

 Saturday I stayed home and framed 5 of the projects that I found in a long forgotten basket in my basement. I had stitched them so long ago and securely stored them in a basement basket, I actually had forgotten I stitched them. When I unearthed them I had actually pulled the charts for 2 of them and placed in my top 10 must do pile. At least I know I still love the charts:) This may be my worst confession to day. There were about 15 finished projects in that basket. I have ordered bellpull hardware for 4 of them so they will become bellpulls for my mini-bellpull wall at some point in time. This is terrible too. Saturday when I was working on the framing I found a bag with some bellpull hardware I had bought for 2 of the projects in the long forgotten basket. Does any one else to these types of crazy things? Fortunately I did not re-purchase those hardware in the ones I ordered. Not sure how I managed not to but all is well that ends well. Right? The top piece is a Shepherds Bush title unknown, next is a free-bee, then a Lizzie Kate, a drawn thread that I cannot seen to get to turn right side up with my software and a piece from a cross stitch magazine. As you might suspect from he tone of this blog, this is as close as I am coming to the names and titles of these fine patterns. (hanging my head in shame)Last night we went on yet another hunt for a new home. Ours is sold and we must exit by May 15th. We have had 3 contracts on other places sold out from under us so we are a bit on the fatigued side of looking at this point. Cross your fingers for the one we found last night to take. Am I the only one who evaluates for increased wall space when looking for a house? You have to have more places for your stitched works and just the right nook for needlework storage- that reads largest room in the house with good lighting. Of course it is not proper to voice this during the hunt but it is always in the front of my brain. Where will my stash live and is it easy to get to when desired?That is way more important than are the bathrooms functional and is there enough room in the kitchen don't you think?Guess that is all the confessions for today.Pam

Sunday, April 3, 2011

not a ton of stitching

this weekend  but a great weekend still. When to not-so-LNS where I got several frames ordered for a basket of finished pieces I "found" where they had been safely resting for a long enough period of time for me to have forgotten  I stitched them. How sad is that? But on the brighter side they all have either frames in my home, on order from not-so-LNS or bellpull hardware on order. I also got one for the Chessie & me, "in vitrues way" which was one of the UFO's I finished at the start of the year. I did manage to finsh up stitching portion for the fob exchange I am in later this month. I'll post a pic after exchange is recieved. Stopped a thrift store on the way home and found a wonderful embossed silver tone ciggerette case to repurpose as a needle book/tool holder. Only $4.00 pretty sweet don't you think? I hope the detail comes thru on my cell phone pic. It is thick enough for scissors to sit inside with needles too.  And totally off the needlework topic but another passion I have is riding my motorcycle. We had a fantastic trip today with some friends.DS is pictured trying to get up the stairs after the ride. My son rode his sportster, my husband his street glide and I rode my softtail classic. All in all we spent about 6 hours on the road with the  sun  shinning and breeze blowing. All the spring flowers smelled fantastic as we passed them allong the country roads. Everyone got home safe and sound and a good time was had by all.

More confessions later,