Tuesday, April 12, 2011

framed finishes

 Saturday I stayed home and framed 5 of the projects that I found in a long forgotten basket in my basement. I had stitched them so long ago and securely stored them in a basement basket, I actually had forgotten I stitched them. When I unearthed them I had actually pulled the charts for 2 of them and placed in my top 10 must do pile. At least I know I still love the charts:) This may be my worst confession to day. There were about 15 finished projects in that basket. I have ordered bellpull hardware for 4 of them so they will become bellpulls for my mini-bellpull wall at some point in time. This is terrible too. Saturday when I was working on the framing I found a bag with some bellpull hardware I had bought for 2 of the projects in the long forgotten basket. Does any one else to these types of crazy things? Fortunately I did not re-purchase those hardware in the ones I ordered. Not sure how I managed not to but all is well that ends well. Right? The top piece is a Shepherds Bush title unknown, next is a free-bee, then a Lizzie Kate, a drawn thread that I cannot seen to get to turn right side up with my software and a piece from a cross stitch magazine. As you might suspect from he tone of this blog, this is as close as I am coming to the names and titles of these fine patterns. (hanging my head in shame)Last night we went on yet another hunt for a new home. Ours is sold and we must exit by May 15th. We have had 3 contracts on other places sold out from under us so we are a bit on the fatigued side of looking at this point. Cross your fingers for the one we found last night to take. Am I the only one who evaluates for increased wall space when looking for a house? You have to have more places for your stitched works and just the right nook for needlework storage- that reads largest room in the house with good lighting. Of course it is not proper to voice this during the hunt but it is always in the front of my brain. Where will my stash live and is it easy to get to when desired?That is way more important than are the bathrooms functional and is there enough room in the kitchen don't you think?Guess that is all the confessions for today.Pam


  1. Love your framing, especially the antique white ones. I too purchased a chart to just order it again later.
    Good luck on the house hunting!
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Don't worry, I think a lot of us have done the same thing, I know I certainly have more than once! We just have too much going on to keep it all in straight in our heads.

    I love the framing and can't wait to see the bell pulls with the hardware!

    Sorry you are having trouble on the house buying front, hope you find the perfect house soon!

  3. oooo well done on getting things framed,baskets sorted stash ordered ... sounds like a good day hehehe love mouse xxxx