Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A finish and a start

First thing Saturday morning I was able to work on the berries and call this little piece finished. I still can't get over how it looked o/o when I saw it at the Silver Needle but I don't know if I ever would have finished it if I had stitched it o/o. 
The start is on the Fred's (Fredrick and Fredricka) and the never ending boarder. I had some yellow already in place but you could not see it on the fabric until I added the black. I believe I am going to stack them on top of each other rather than doing two separate pieces. I was able to work on the black some more last night. Hopefully a little each night will go a long way.

I received a wonderful Fall exchange. Not able to show photos yet but I just loved it all. thanks to my secret stitching partner.  

Prayers go up today for those dealing with hurricane Sandy and her aftermath. Hope all in bloggland are safe and let us hear from you as soon as you can.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Back from Framers!

First up is the Linen and Lace finished earlier this year. This piece was in my to stitch pile for so long. It finished up as lovely as I always thought it would.I went with a fancy frame but it has a red under the silver that really pulls on the reds in the piece. 
Next is the I Sign Not that was in progress for way too many years. I picked a rustic/antique frame for it of course. I will go behind my stitching chair in the living room. Excited to get this one on the wall at last. 

Plans for tomorrow include stitching, stitching and more stitching. How much fun does that sound like? Hope you all find some time this weekend for needle and thread.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a little vacation time

This was the view from the Blue Parrot on St George Island FL. Weekend before last a few friends road our motorcycles down to Panama City Beach for Thunder on the Beach Fall Rally. We took one of the days to ride over to ST George and Apalachicola for some great time on the Forgotten Coast. I just love this slow placed area of FL. It is the beach as I recall it without all the high rise condos and a much less crowded coastline. We were blessed with a condo in PCB for free so we stayed the nights there but my heart is always in SGI. 
 This is sunset from our condo. Amazing views from the 21st floor. It is down the beach a bit and not in the middle of all the biker business and was quite peaceful as well. All in all a fantastic trip with friends. 
I was also able to work on DNW piece while on the coast. I am down to the bird and a little vines and berries. Hopefully I can finish it up this week. I also mailed of and exchange piece that I can't show for a while but will as soon as I am able. It turned out really cute. Can't wait to show and tell it!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Do your stitching friends ever make you fill just so Blessed? Today when I got home there was a wonderful package from April . She lives less than an hour away but we are still working on a stitching gathering, Life is too busy. Isn't this a wonderful fall surprise? She sent me some Sullivan's threads I have been wanting to try but not able to get down the dreaded 280 to the store that carries them. Also some finishing extras perfect for a fall finish. And who could not love the cute owl? I suspect the card was made by her as well. April's package was within a week of the one year older mark so technically Birthday or Fall. Actually I believe it was sent to pick me up after recovering from moving my mom this past weekend. 35 years in one house plus she is a touch of a hoarder. 4 seems to be her magic number. 4 brooms, mops, yard sticks, dish sets, and multiples of  4 for things like bath gels(36), pots for plants (32), quilt sets(16). Y'all are getting the picture of how much fun that was. Thanks April for the moving recovery/fall/birthday gift.
Next up is the amazing birthday package from my retreat companion Teresa. She knows of my love of acorns and squirrels and had me on a theme overload. Three wooden acorns. The green acorn is the back is packed with cookies!!! A acorn spatula for my love of baking. Prayer books and some lovely mother of pearl cross charms(another love of mine is MOP) Some Lady Earl Gray tea to go with that box of cookies, a squirrel mill hill pin and 3 charts. How could that not be a happy birthday? 
Last up is my stitching progress on Do Not Worry. I am getting to practice this as I stitch it with a fair amount of uncertainty about my job. God as always allowed me to be in a better place when He makes a job change so I will trust Him that that will occur again. I saw a quote on FB the other day that I really liked. It wasn't new to me but it was a good reminder of who is really running the show. God Shuts Doors No Man Can Open and Opens Doors No Man Can Close. I will leave you all with that to chew on for a while.

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