Monday, October 31, 2011

Not until the New Year

This is the exchange piece I sent to Tina.(no blog) This was on the Stitches with Love Exchange. The inside of the piece has all the usual goodies for the lover of smalls.I had a hard time letting parting with the little acorn salt and pepper shakers.I know that is sad but true none the less.
I was the lucky recipient of a amazing finished box from Angela.Hooked on Stitches Got a cute LK fall chart and DMC , great fall pumpkin bow and orange ribbon, a fun fat quarter and orange tape measure. 
My last realization is that it only 2 months away from the new year. I have several projects started that I would really like to complete. Why this weekend I managed to work on one of them .... I stitched and entire word(silver) over one. I was so disappointed in myself for not stitching more. I have this shinny new ott lamp and fantastic magnifier that changed my world, or at least set it back 10 years to before the bad eyes over took it, and all I could do was stitch one tiny word. SILVER. SO......... my not until the new year resolution is that I will not start another piece until I have completed some of these pieces in waiting or we hit the 2012. I still need to put the binding on my quilt. I seam to stall each time I get to something new on the quilt but I'll have to get that done soon. It has turned chilly here and I need a new lap throw. The 3 fairly large pieces hanging out in my world will hopefully show progress soon. I did join the Christmas Exchange on the above blog so I guess that will be my exception to the rule. (gotta have one) So if anyone would like to join in please let me know and we can encourage one another along in the not until the new year resolution.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fast Finish and Exchange piece

This is my travel piece from my trip home. The chart was in Gail's blue tote of charts from the retreat and she kept the gift going and gave it to me! I did make the flowers a bit brighter for me. I think it is going to finish into a little pocket for my closet. (yes I even decorate in my closet and laundry room) My DH gets a little tired of the stitching in every room so I put it in places he cannot see. We all know the laundry room is male free- if you have on of the rare specimens that will do laundry consider yourself a lucky lady. 
Next up is my lovely exchange piece from the PS exchange. Melanie did an amazing job. I am lucky enough to now have two wonderful pieces she stitched. She got tagged with me in 2 exchanges. Finishing job is fantastic.

The house is quite and DH had a work dinner after work so I get to spend some quality time with stitching stuff. Can it be true? Stitching time and its not even the weekend. Better run and play with the needle and thread.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

one last retreat post

Hopefully you can all stand one more post about the retreat. Pictured above are Gail and Jackie. They both did the most AMAZING silk gauze work. Gail had stitched one of the Hawks Run pieces on silk gauze. I have never seen anything like it before. Jackie had this cute Halloween piece that was equally amazing. It was so good they inspired me to purchase some and give it a whirl. I would show you all my progress but I have all the stitching stuff from the retreat hidden in the corner of my bedroom. There are some events which should take place alone and I believe fondling fresh stash is one of them. My husband did tell me my little corner of sanity is beginning to look like an episode of hoarders. Saturday while he is at work I will be able to sort and and take some pictures.
These four lovely ladies are from Australia. They were so sweet they way they tended to each other and they could shop like nothing I have ever seen. They said our prices were so much better than theirs they could not help themselves. They each had the sweetest spirit about them. Teresa and I spent our break day between retreats touring them to King Arthur Flour,  quilting shops and Hobby Lobby. Who knew it would be such an adventure packed day. It made me feel like I had gone to Australia to go around with them and learn the variances in our English. Hopefully they will be safe at home by Friday and we can email soon.
Teresa and I toured the hi-ways and by-ways on the way to taking me to the airport. We  saw the some very picturesque towns and road stands on the first day. It was fun to travel with someone who can pull into a thrift store or antique shop as fast as I can. I got some great blue glass for next to nothing.We ended the day in Portsmouth and took off the next morning for the coast. What a great time that was as well. All of this was needed to prepare me for the bumpy airplane ride home. We were delayed a bit due to flying around storms. I have a cast iron system and never get motion sick but the airplane ride home tested my limits. I'll leave you with a picture of the church at Portsmouth at dusk. 
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Monday, October 17, 2011

For Patricia

Above is a picture of Leslie(blond) and Patricia(brunette). The delightful ladies from Maine that stayed across the hall from us at the retreat. They came back from both retreats and I meet them both at last years event. It was so good to spend more time with them this year and enjoy their company. Hope to do a better job of staying in touch this next year.

On the first piece my progress was slow. I got the chair bottom stitched but not assembled. The fob, pin cushion back and needle book rug are all still waiting for completion. Lucky for me they are all small projects. No pictures to show yet. Sorry. Great progress on the VS project. I was able to get the pincushion top complete and strawberry fob stitched. Like most of Thea's pieces they stitch so fast and have a nice rhythm to them. They are all packed up today as Teresa and I are leaving to roam the countryside today and tomorrow until my flight leaves at 6. The retreat is complete except for breakfast this morning and the goodbyes.

I'll have to sort thru the photos and projects when I get home for more pictures. It was all too much fun and Nataly and Marie provided a sinful amount of goodies and door prises each night of the events. I am coming home with a treasure chest full of fibers and buttons and a most embarrassing 5 pair of fob less scissors. Naked scissors are always such and embarrassment don't you think? 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Update from New England

Yesterday was tea at the ABC Stitch shop. We endded leg one of the retreat with a wonderful shopping trip with desserts and afternoon tea.

 There are a couple ladies at the shop doing wonderful work on silk gaze and I was inspired to purchase an Erical Michaels kit to try my hand at it. I still need to get a magnifier to be able to see it but we are havng an outing today (more shopping) and I should be able to find one while we ar out.
First round of stash from ABC yesterday. We will have a second trip at the end of the second retreat. Belinda leaves us today and Thea arrives, We have had some wonderful goodie baags in our rooms each night and fun give a ways. I wond a selection of overdyes while playing Left-Right-Center dice game. Tons of fun. I also won a pair of mermaid scissors last nigt with a necklace chain.

The food has been great as well. Last night was fried chicken, corn on the cob, salad an potatoes with a heavenlly chocloate cake with fresh whipping cream and strawberry sauce.

Getting ready for Retreat number 2!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Treat Time

After a long day of flying I finally got to Boston. Teresa had to wait at the airport for an hour because the second leg of my flight loaded onto the plane ontime but we just sat their for what seemed like days (reality 45 minutes) before we could take off for Boston. I was so excited  to load into the car and heading off to the Cracker Barrel for a lunch and catching up. With full and content bellies we went off to Yankee Crossstitch for a bit of pre-retreat shoppiing. The store was full of stitcchers eye candy. There was a huge selection of the By the Bay pieces and charts. I wanted them all of course but managed some restraint. (we wll stop on the way bacck to the airport so I can pick which ones I want to stitch after mulling it over) Then down the road to Enfield for the Retreat. We both screamed when we got off the exit we were very silly by that point in the trip. Above is the goodie back hanging on our door after dinner. We have a light dinner and a wonderful deserrt. 

Almond layer, choclate mouse layer, and vinalla layer. Chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce. A yummie finish to a full fun day. Teresa is a early riser and am I, we have already been down for coffee and see the suprise packages left by the good stitching fairy (Nataly) and class projects to start after breakfast. Oh the joy of not having to cook or clean the kitchen for so many days!

More updates to follow,

Monday, October 10, 2011

necklace finish

Last night while tending to still sick DH(poor thing) I turned this little piece into a necklace/scissor holder. Just thought it was the perfect finish for the small. I am just a few hours away from my flight to New England(actually Boston) where my driver and roomate for the week Teresa will carry me to New England. Last night I packed and tonight I will sort what stitching to take away with me. Doubtful I sleep much with my early flight time of 6AM. DH has actually been so good this time. He must actually feel terrible. (you all know how the men are when they are sick unless they are really sick-count yourself luck if you have the rare male who doesn't behave badly when sick). I cannot believe the retreat is finally here and I will be there in less than a day. We will have lots of photos to share soon.


Friday, October 7, 2011

sympathy vote

This is my fun for the next few days. My husband had his tonsils out and sinus reconstruction yesterday. We were at the hospital 12 good hours. He had a few issues from his saturation's being low from pain medications so we got a little bonus time. They wanted to keep him but Iof course he was too stubborn to stay. I would like to say the MD was wonderful as well as the nursing team who took care of him. I hope he can go back to work by Tuesday when I leave for my retreat. Just in case someone was thinking I had not earned my week of me time. I was able to work on The Breath of Autumn by chessie and me. I was able to work on the border a fair amount. I had started it couple of days ago and didn't like the linen color- too cream- so I did a coffee dye with my morning leftovers and got a really golden color I love, Happy to be stitching it again. I am also converting to over dye cottons. The silks were too rich for my blood on this one. 12 at 7.50 each. Ouch. I am having to be a bit more budget minded right now. The lighting was not really good in the waiting area so my piece looks like I have a touch of ADD. I had a hard time counting the long stretches so I would skip to a spot I could count. Sad but true. I leave in 4 days. ready or not here I come:)


Monday, October 3, 2011


So how handsome is my son? Here he is all ready to go to the Homecoming dance this past weekend. It was his first real dance. After 2 weeks of planning and arranging he told me if he had know it was going to be this much work he would have just skipped it. I'm not sure if the colors show true but little hot pink roses to match her hot pink sash on her dress. His other complaint was that he cannot smile on demand. I told him to think of something funny about me or his dad right when we were taking the picture. Clearly he did not follow the advice. He has one of those plastic smiles going. He is still handsome (at least to mom).

This is a freebie from uhmmm 1999 I believe. (I make such a fine pattern hoarder) It is Home Spun Elegance and they did a sesonal set of freebies way back when. It was designed for 10 count something or other which I promptly switched to 32 ct something else. Lucky the pumpkin star button still looks cute no matter what thread count you stitch it on. I put a little green bead in the cats eye. I hope you can see it. It shows well in person.

Well this time next week I'll be packed up and ready to fly to the retreat. I may try to get another piece done before then if I can put on my superstitcher clothes on an get busy.

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