Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Treat Time

After a long day of flying I finally got to Boston. Teresa had to wait at the airport for an hour because the second leg of my flight loaded onto the plane ontime but we just sat their for what seemed like days (reality 45 minutes) before we could take off for Boston. I was so excited  to load into the car and heading off to the Cracker Barrel for a lunch and catching up. With full and content bellies we went off to Yankee Crossstitch for a bit of pre-retreat shoppiing. The store was full of stitcchers eye candy. There was a huge selection of the By the Bay pieces and charts. I wanted them all of course but managed some restraint. (we wll stop on the way bacck to the airport so I can pick which ones I want to stitch after mulling it over) Then down the road to Enfield for the Retreat. We both screamed when we got off the exit we were very silly by that point in the trip. Above is the goodie back hanging on our door after dinner. We have a light dinner and a wonderful deserrt. 

Almond layer, choclate mouse layer, and vinalla layer. Chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce. A yummie finish to a full fun day. Teresa is a early riser and am I, we have already been down for coffee and see the suprise packages left by the good stitching fairy (Nataly) and class projects to start after breakfast. Oh the joy of not having to cook or clean the kitchen for so many days!

More updates to follow,


  1. Glad you are having a good time Pam! We are going to have sooooo much fun!

  2. Sounds like a ton of fun! I can understand the screaming. :)

  3. yeahhhh you got there ok and mmmmm that dessert looks scrummy .... I could hear the screaming from here hahahaah :) love mouse xxxx