Monday, October 31, 2011

Not until the New Year

This is the exchange piece I sent to Tina.(no blog) This was on the Stitches with Love Exchange. The inside of the piece has all the usual goodies for the lover of smalls.I had a hard time letting parting with the little acorn salt and pepper shakers.I know that is sad but true none the less.
I was the lucky recipient of a amazing finished box from Angela.Hooked on Stitches Got a cute LK fall chart and DMC , great fall pumpkin bow and orange ribbon, a fun fat quarter and orange tape measure. 
My last realization is that it only 2 months away from the new year. I have several projects started that I would really like to complete. Why this weekend I managed to work on one of them .... I stitched and entire word(silver) over one. I was so disappointed in myself for not stitching more. I have this shinny new ott lamp and fantastic magnifier that changed my world, or at least set it back 10 years to before the bad eyes over took it, and all I could do was stitch one tiny word. SILVER. SO......... my not until the new year resolution is that I will not start another piece until I have completed some of these pieces in waiting or we hit the 2012. I still need to put the binding on my quilt. I seam to stall each time I get to something new on the quilt but I'll have to get that done soon. It has turned chilly here and I need a new lap throw. The 3 fairly large pieces hanging out in my world will hopefully show progress soon. I did join the Christmas Exchange on the above blog so I guess that will be my exception to the rule. (gotta have one) So if anyone would like to join in please let me know and we can encourage one another along in the not until the new year resolution.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Lovely exchange sent and received! Know what you mean about projects, I have so many WIP and I am itching to start something new but am even having trouble getting any stitching done at all this last couple of weeks. Need to find my mojo again!

  2. Pam what beautiful exchanges sent and received!!! I was like you at the start of 2011 I refused to start any big new projects and focused on getting things finished. Its really nice to get a few things out of the stitching bag!

  3. Lovely exchanges!
    I have some projects I need to get back to as well!