Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fast Finish and Exchange piece

This is my travel piece from my trip home. The chart was in Gail's blue tote of charts from the retreat and she kept the gift going and gave it to me! I did make the flowers a bit brighter for me. I think it is going to finish into a little pocket for my closet. (yes I even decorate in my closet and laundry room) My DH gets a little tired of the stitching in every room so I put it in places he cannot see. We all know the laundry room is male free- if you have on of the rare specimens that will do laundry consider yourself a lucky lady. 
Next up is my lovely exchange piece from the PS exchange. Melanie did an amazing job. I am lucky enough to now have two wonderful pieces she stitched. She got tagged with me in 2 exchanges. Finishing job is fantastic.

The house is quite and DH had a work dinner after work so I get to spend some quality time with stitching stuff. Can it be true? Stitching time and its not even the weekend. Better run and play with the needle and thread.

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  1. Beautiful finish! Love your exchange piece!

  2. Love the piece finished. It will be a lovely addition to the closet. You got a nice exchange piece.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitaches

  3. They are both beautiful! You are lucky to be able to stitch while you travel :), if I stitch or read in the car I get awful motion sick

  4. ohh that is sooo pretty :) and way to go having it in the laundry/ closet my DH can and does do the ironing and if pushed knows how to put the washing machine on
    lovely exchange piece too :) love mouse xxxx

  5. Love your blackbird finish and your exchange piece is beautiful.

  6. hehe....another 'closet' decorator! i put pieces in all kinds of places....just so that i can smile each time i see them....your stitching is lovely and your exchange piece is wonderful! Have a great day....