Monday, April 23, 2012

Give-a-way and Glory

This past weekend I was able to get a few stitches in on one of my camp pieces. This is glory house in progress. It will finish into a nice box for a summer piece. It will live at the lake with other patriotic goodies. I don't really have much in the way of patriotic stuff in the house so we will load up the lake place with theses style goodies. We are close to finishing the work up there so we can enjoy the cabin for the summer. My mom plans to live there during the summer and stay with us during the winter. We worked yesterday there after church. It is really a small spot about an hour away but feels like you are days away when you get on the water and relax. When we get the work completed I'll post some photos.  Mostly I am happy to have found a few minutes of stitching time. It is just amazing to me how much less stressed I am when I can either quilt or stitch for a couple of hours. 

I will have to break down and clean this week, my house is going to be a host house of a tea for a close family friend. We have been friends with them for over 10 years and it is so fun to see the oldest start the next phase of her life. It has been fun planning and hopefully I can get a few photos in before the chaos begins. So here is my idea for a give-a-way. We sent 116 invitations. The person who picks closest to the actual number of people who attend will win a prize! I'll announce the winner Sunday after the grand event if I'm still standing. 

Have a good week and happy stitching,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quilt finish!

I finally got the binding on my second quilt. I think it turned out nice and I cannot wait to send it to the recipient. This is a question for you quilters. Do you name your quilts? I have noticed several people seem to name them by pattern or content. Because this one has the Beatitudes incorporated into the blocks I am going to call it the Beatitudes quilt. I guess you could also name them for the recipient if it is a gift. I have a batik square dance pattern waiting in the wings. Teresa and I shopped for the fabric when we went to Tulsa for the SN camp. They have so many quilt stores for the size of town. I was amazed at how many options people have there. 

We can post the pictures of the Spring/Easter exchange I participated in  from Stitched with Love Exchanges There is a new one just posted if any of you are interested and join in the fun.
 This is the fun spring stuff from June to me. I had just sent my green poka dot scissors away in a RAK a month or so ago even though I just loved them. They came back to me! Great buttons, fabrics and ribbons to finish. A lamb for sugar cookies or biscuits and book mark calendar and of course..... Chocolate! Sadly the Cadbury Caramel Egg was eaten by one of my pets.... I was saving it for a special moment or crisis which ever came first. It was on my counter high table in the kitchen and while I was working in the bedroom I believe the larger animal leaned into the table to abduct it. :(
This is all that remained... a cyclops egg cover with frayed ends. It was so cute when it arrived I had been protecting it I thought from all the varmints in my house (DH, DS and 4 dogs) I failed but was spared 190 calories. 
I stitched a design called April showers for Janet and sent some  stitching goodies.
Thanks for stopping by and spending a few minutes of your day.
Happy stitching,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nothing to Show

 This is the lake view from camp. I keep thinking if I look at it I will somehow find time to stitch again. I have been back for 11 days and have not been able to stitch since. I barely unpacked by stitching goodies. I have a exchange both sent and received I cannot show. I finish in dire need of ironing before it can be viewed. Another ready for assembly before it can be seen. A quilt waiting for binding before it can be seen. I think you are all getting the lack of picture.... Mom has been at my house since I got back. The lake place is still needing a little remodel before she can nest in up there and she wanted to leave her house once it went on the market. Very understandable after 35 years there. We are making some headway on getting the mountains of stuff settled and her better in place. Surely next week will normalize and I can stitch again...

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Camp wannasew

Truly where to begin... I am beginning at the end as a true upside down southern girl. This is Teresa and myself with Mona the fabulous finisher and Lindy the awesome owner of the Silver Needle at the end of camp. The host shop for the weekend. It was such a wild whirlwind that we almost forgot to take photos for the blog which would have been a true blogging crisis for what would I have then for show and tell. We got their Thursday and set up our stitching nest with Mary, Sonnie and Ruthanne.Three new stitching friends we meet there. Ruthanne is not pictured because she had left already, Mary is a bit blocked by the lamp but Sonnie is pictured. I cannot imagine a nicer stitching table. Mary is a wonderful poet shared the sweetest poem about camp at introduction time. Sonnie offered the sweetest calming spirit and Runthanne had a lot of stitching knowledge. 
Sorry for the bad photo but I had to fight them to get that much of one. Friday night we went to Edna's for an Amish dinner with her famous home made noodles. The family style meal was fun and filling. We came pack to get a couple of the projects. First up was a box to make. Then a shaker pin keep. Then Saturday morning was a needle book similar to the ones LK had at market that Mona whipped up in her spare time. She is just a wealth of knowledge and finishing inspiration. 
 Liberty Box 
Quaker Pinkeep
Pinkeep finished. 
Mine is on the left, Teresa's the right.

There were 12 stated represented from all over the country and many camp veterans and newbies.
 This photos are when we were packing it up for the weekend. They are not the best quality but you get the idea I am sure. There was  a mini-shop at the camp to choose from and town was not that far away if you are in need of a true Silver Needle fix. I'll be posting a shop pictures in a few days with my finished pieces from camp! Hint there is a BAP in the mix!!!! I am so excited to be done with the lovely sampler. 

I got the most wonderful exchange piece to open when I got home but no photos to show yet. But I can say a big thanks to my secret exchange partner.

Thanks for stopping by and more camp talk soon,