Friday, April 13, 2012

Nothing to Show

 This is the lake view from camp. I keep thinking if I look at it I will somehow find time to stitch again. I have been back for 11 days and have not been able to stitch since. I barely unpacked by stitching goodies. I have a exchange both sent and received I cannot show. I finish in dire need of ironing before it can be viewed. Another ready for assembly before it can be seen. A quilt waiting for binding before it can be seen. I think you are all getting the lack of picture.... Mom has been at my house since I got back. The lake place is still needing a little remodel before she can nest in up there and she wanted to leave her house once it went on the market. Very understandable after 35 years there. We are making some headway on getting the mountains of stuff settled and her better in place. Surely next week will normalize and I can stitch again...

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  1. Hi Pam

    Lovely photos of your stitching friends. Sounds like you had a great time. Hope your mum settles well and that you get back to stitching soon.

  2. fingers and toes crossed normally reigns soon ... :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Normal, what's that. Hope you can find time to stitch again.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  4. I'm missing my stitching time too! Hope you have found yours!! Hugs!