Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finally Finished Finishes!

It has been a scary productive weekend. I was able to get the house all decorated for Christmas, Pansy Pots for the front porch are planed with a new rosemary tree on either side of the front door. Summer was a bit harsh on the ones I purchased last year. I think the week we left in July was just a bit much for them because they were a bit crispy and never recovered. Cooked many meals, and finally finished the 8 ornaments hiding in stitching piles from previous years. I believe there are 4 from 2003 and the rest were from week 51 last year. I had just really gotten my Christmas stitching fever when everyone was saying "Happy New Year" so into a need to be finished basket they went.

Did I mention I worked on a bit of stash organization as well? I rotate between happy to pet my pretties..., I'll never in my lifetime get this all stitched..., I've been looking for that... and how do I get so far behind? every time I do this, but it is done for a few more months and I can stop feeling stressed about not being able to find what I am searching for in my stitching nest. At least for the first few projects I start it will all be in order again. My every so helpful mom accused me of playing with it all. She was sure it would go much faster if I didn't stop and admire each and every item I was trying to organize. I am sure you will all agree you have to meditate on each bit and bob a while to ensure you are organizing it properly. After all, this time the organization will take and all stay in it's place rather than go into a wild mixture of chaos. That is what we tell ourselves? Or am I the only one?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend,


  1. Well done on your finishes.

    I am a very tidy person and do not like clutter that is until I come to my stash.

    I think the problem is one of guilt, when a package arrives I hide it away just any where.

  2. What wonderful finishes and finishing! Kudos on the organization of your stash....I just sit and dream about it! maybe one day....

    happy stitching...

  3. Love your finishes ~ they are so cute! Stash organization??? What's that???

  4. Such lovely finishes!

    I LOVE organizing stash, I do it all the time!:)

  5. All your ornaments are so pretty together. I too would get more organizing done if I didn't stop and play with them so much.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches