Saturday, December 1, 2012

SL Stash arrived

Last night when I finally made it home after an all day class and a trip by the fabric store I walked in to a wonderful surprise. My charts from SL had arrived. I have joined Nicola and Jo's Scarlet Letter SAL. Hop on over and join the insanity. They are having some amazing drawings through out the year. I will just be wonderful to have a bit of motivation to stitch one of these at last.  I am still leaning towards starting Dorothy Walpole but it would more than likely be the only one I have any hope of completing. 
Back to that trip to the fabric store. A while back April was kind enough to introduce me to Sullivan's cotton floss. I started the snowman piece this week with the white she sent me. I wanted to see if I they held up to her no-tangle clam. I had purchased some DMC for the Fred's and have been rather tired of the knotting and shredding that has followed. You see I gave up DMC several years back when I fell in love with silk. But the woes of this economy force me back to the dreaded DMC. I found the Sullivan's to be all April said they were and headed straight to Hancock's Fabrics to acquire the needed floss for the snowman piece. While it is a bit of a pain to get to the store I decided to get what I needed for the Fred's as well. I'll finish out the color I'm on with the DMC but the rest shall be Sullivan's. At any rate I needed 103 of them. The poor lady at the register might just be a bit more OCD than me. She actually had to sort them by color before she would ring them up.... 103 of them. I felt so normal after leaving there....  
Aren't they lovely? So April, see what you have started? As if I don't have enough stash organization issues. I now have an additional thread line to deal with! :) Does that look like $39 to all of you? Still a bargain to me compared to silks.

My husband had the flu this week and I managed to get a cold rather than the flu. I have just felt a bit sluggish but we must all stitch on. 

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  1. I hope you and your DH are feeling better soon. Your SL charts looks delicious. 103 threads will take some organising. What method do you use. I use Floss bags and metal rings.

  2. Praying that good health returns to your home. Had to laugh at the checkout story : ) It's funny ... when I check out at Hobby Lobby with a couple handfuls of skeins, the cashier will ask "how many do you have," scan one, & then multiply it by the number I give her. If I go to JoAnn's, the cashiers always have to scan each one. I always feel bad about the line forming behind me : )

  3. Hey Pam !!! I have never stitched a Scarlett Letter Design. May have to check into them.. See you enhanced me too! lol I need to go get some Christmas Colors of Sullivan. Did you come down 280 to get to Hancock? It is a pain! I love those Snowmen!!! Hope you and Hubby are felling better! Happy Stitching! That is what I am doing today!

  4. I know why I love your snowmen piece, I have it somewhere in my stash! I got it several years ago but have yet to start it. I think all I need is the fabric, pretty sure I have all the colours. Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you.

    Hope your household is healthier!