Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raining Stash

It is finally raining here again. I don't think August brought us a single drop of rain but this morning it is a wonderful slow rain.I am looking on the back deck as it comes down and my plants already look happier.A few of the trees have begun to turn and drop some fall leaves as well. Yesterday was the first full day of college football. A religion all its own here in the state of Alabama. I was glad to stitch and watch hours of it as well. 

Friday I went to pick up a few things I had on order at LNS. After a night of stash sorting I found I still needed 2/3 of PS alphabet and HIH Summer and Spring Fobs. Oldies but goodies and I am one of those sick people who needs all the set. I also picked up the Christmas ornament issue of JCS, (have all those too) and the issues needed for the seasonal band sampler I found in the Halloween issue. JSC was never a mag I liked but they seemed to have picked up the pace a bit and I am liking them better. Might just order the year next year. I also got the last of the mystery sampler that BOF did earlier this year. I know I am slightly behind some of you that have already completed. I just love the painted Thread Keep too. I hope they do more because we all know that is enough for just a few threads and I might be able to fill a second. 

41 days until the needle work retreat-but who is counting.

Happy Holiday Weekend,


  1. Who's counting, I'm counting right along side you.
    When you are done send the rain this way.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Great new stash! Love the PS alphabet series! Yea for rain, football and stitchy time!

  3. I live in Miami so you can have our rain! HAHA It has rained literally every single day here this summer, like is normally does. It is quite tiring already and a complete nuisance especially when you are leaving the grocery store and it decides to come down.

    Awesome stash! You can never have too much I always say.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Send the rain here to about no the stash.

  5. Awesome stash. I'm counting and busy organizing and working to make sure that you guys have a terrific time at the retreat. Can't wait to see you guys:)