Sunday, February 12, 2012

a finish and a start

The finish is Linen and Lace. This is an older Drawn Thread piece and was so much fun to stitch. The green linen is not showing so well but it is lovely in person. I was able to put the date and silver heart charm on this one first thing Saturday morning. 

Next up was baking a few heart shaped treats for the weekend. This was a really easy and very good sugar cookie recipe I found on the back of the Valentine M&M's bag. I think I have made 3 batches this year and only a few left. They disappear fast! 
On the way back from the post office I got the call that the framer had completed by Dandelion Sampler. They have had it since the week after Christmas but had limited shop hours with the owners mom taking sick several hours away. I think it was well worth the wait and they will be getting L&L as soon as they are accepting new work again. 
We were able to travel to Bryce Canyon National Park (above) and Zion National Park (below) when we were in Utah week before last. Both are lovely but Zion to me was truly majestic is it views. Hint for travelers... If you go in winter you are about the only one there! It was like having a private viewing of God's creation.
The start for the week is my small set for the spring retreat at the Silver Needle. Teresa and I are headed out in 45 days(if I am counting correctly) for a much needed rest and stitching escape! Pictures of the set soon. It is dark outside and past my bedtime. I tried 3 times to update yesterday. Either my computer, blogger or both were not being user friendly and I failed at each attempt. Almost at the end here and glad of it! :) Computers are the best and worst of friends.....

Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to join my stitching  journey.


  1. I just love Drawn Thread pieces and that one is especially gorgeous, Pam... Your photos of Bryce Canyon and Zion certainly bring back wonderful memories. We took the whole family back in 2000 for a hiking trip--one of our favorite trips ever!

  2. Hi Pam, I don't know if you remember me but I was at the NE Stitchers' Retreat with you in Oct. with my sister. Have you been to the Silver Needle retreat before? My sister and I were looking at it but weren't sure if it was more sewing or more stitching. We will be interested to read about your experience there. I know you will have a good time with Theresa! Your finishes are lovely, your cookies look delish, and I am jealous of your trip to Utah. -Sue N.

  3. So happy to see your Dandelion piece all framed and hanging.
    Save me a cookie I will be right over (wish).
    I am counting those days right with you.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  4. ohhh it looks gorgeous ... not seen it done before :) well I'm not surprised the cookies disappeared quick
    dandelion looks great framed up too :)
    sounds like you really want to go on that retreat ;)love mouse xxxxx

  5. Love the finish and the framing! The cookies look wonderful but everything looks good when you are trying to get yourself ready for a beach vacation. Utah looks beautiful. I have not been to that state but with pictures like that, it moves them up to the to do list.

  6. Dandelion Sampler looks so beautiful. I think you chose a perfect frame.

    Happy Valentines Day xxx

  7. Love the Drawn Threaad piece. And wow, your framed piece looks great! We hope to one day take the boys to see some of those beautiful parks! And those cookies, yummy! ;)

  8. Cute finish! and those biscuits look totally yum...

  9. Cookies were delish!!! I love the Drawn Thread ! You heading out again?? LOL I Love The Silver Needle. I have ordered from them in the past!! Take plenty of pictures, so my mouth can drool!! lol

  10. Those cookies look yummy! Your stitching looks great and I like a lot the frame of the sampler.

    Bryce Canyon National Park seems to be a great place to visit.

    Don't worry about posting, I have often problems to comment on blogger when using my computer at home, can't understand why.

    Have a nice day. xoxo