Monday, May 16, 2011

prizes,purchases and packing

First up is my lovely give-a-way win from Lee at  Everything is just lovely. I placed a quarter next to the fob so you can get an idea of the size. It is really and incredible little piece. Fun charms and beads to play with, a new to me fiber brand and a cute floss tag. Second is my stash haul. I got a total of eight new charts, most of which seemed to have a bunny theme. Not sure where that really came from but I love them all. Cannot decide which to stitch first(of course). Last I am packing to move. We close on the sell of our house today in a couple of house. Still waiting on the paperwork to finish up on the one we are purchasing. Thanks to all the fine folks in foreclosure it has never been so difficult to get a mortgage. (I am sure they would have rather had their homes but you know all I can think of right now is how it is effecting me) Hopefully we will get the final piece of paper we are waiting on today and can close on Wednesday as planned. I know God has a plan and right about now my husband and I hope we heard Him correctly but it is looking like we might have had a bit of wax in our ears. Always and adventure with Jesus.


  1. Good luck with your move!
    Your prize seems fantastic.

  2. Looks like a lovely prize from Lee. I was lucky enough to win something from her last year--her stitching is just wonderful!

    Hope all works out with your new home--sounds very exciting :)

  3. Very nice win and stash! Have heard that dealing with the banks over mortgages is a nightmare now, hope yours goes through without a hitch and that all works out on the move!

  4. Glad to know you like the gift. Look forward to the pomagranate you make, have fun stitching it.
    Hope all goes smoothly with your move.