Thursday, June 23, 2011

A funny

So here is a funny (or at least it was to me). Last night I was doing the assmebly of an exchange piece. As usual, I was so glad when I got the cording attached and it covered my imperfections. My husband was sitting next to me and I showed it to him. Responce "they all look the same to me, if you want to impress me you will quilt" Of course I chuckled inside, I reached over the nightstand and pulled out a quilting book and told him to pick one out. To my suprise he choose the pattern I have the fabric to start! I wasn't brave enough to show him that, but at least he has given me permission to collect a bit of fabric in the name of quilting. :) It will be much easier for all when he see how much it will cost if I am able to remind him he told me to quilt. :) So there is my funny for today.

I am loving haveing the stash in the bedroom. It is all tucked away. The smaller bins have the fibers and the larger ones have charts and linens. I was also able to put my milkglass collection on the top of the piece to hold stuff too. It just makes me happy to have a good home for everything.

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  1. I would love for my husband to give me permission to quilt. I have some small quilting projects but haven't been brave enough to attempt them yet. Someday soon.

    Happy Quilting and Stitching

  2. Run with it - quick!!! Before he realizes what he's done!!

  3. heheheh quick get some more stuff while he is not looking :) love mouse xxxx