Monday, June 13, 2011

new nest and so much more

This is my new nest containment device. It is a flower frog with and old vase.( first confession) I discovered I had four just like it in the move but I feel certain I'll get another or two from a thrift store if the price is right. They hold hydrangeas so nicely in the summer. That is my favorite flower. The gardenia at the new house did nicely in it as well, I felt guilty enjoying the aroma of them when I had not nurtured them into blooming. Many thanks to the previous owners.(second confession). The house is settled and I have been able to set up a craft room in the spare bedroom. I hope to begin quilting soon as I purchased a new sewing machine during the move as well. (third confession) I have had a little time for stitching as I had to take a business trip last week. I did get quite a bit done on an exchange piece Saturday while pretending to settle the house a bit more (fourth confession) I cannot post the picutres yet but will when the exchange is completed. Charleston SC is a lovely city with some fantastic resturants if you ever have a chance to eat there. Wrap the trip in what ever you need to but definately eat there. There was a nice scooner sunset cruise as well. Very relaxing! No shopping for needlework (how say is that?) Getting internet set up at home this week. It will be great to have my morning coffee and blog again. I have missed reading your blogs and keeping in touch with the stitching world. It has become my most addicting habit that fuels my stash/hoarding/stitching life.(fifth and final confession of the day)
 Thanks for checking in,


  1. ooooo hello nice to see you back :) what no shopping shame on you glad you had a nice time and things are getting sorted and can't wait to see what you have been up to stitching wise :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. Welcome back! Glad you have your craft room setup and am looking forward to the quilting projects. Can't wait to see the stitchy projects too!

  3. Glad to see you back on the blog. At least you have used one of your frogs, mine still sits i the closet.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches