Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Retreat Review

They days before Teresa arrive for our retreat I prayed for my Azaleas to be in bloom. I know it may seem silly but I wanted her to be able to enjoy the bright pink flowers while she was visiting from her bedroom window. We had the typical spring weather of 80 one day and 45 the next so I was a bit worried they had been damaged by the sudden weather changes. As you can see they bloomed in full glory. This is one section, there are just as many on either side of the center section. 

We began our journey in town with a visit to a tea shop and a bit of no stash shopping. The next morning we set out for day one of what could have been a 6 hour road trip.We went to 3 shops the first day. One was new to me, the other I had not seen in at least 10 years and the third I go to from time to time. We shared the wealth and bought a little at each place! I was able to pick up several charts I had wanted for a while and some yummy fabrics as well. We stopped at a tea shop for lunch before the third place and had a nice rest there. After the 3rd shop we drove a few hours to Memphis and spent the night. Just about an hour outside of Memphis we found a great quilt shop. I really could have spent some cash in that shop. The best quilt shop I have been to so far a wonderful selection and the nicest owner.  There was a shop  in Memphis we hit on the way out of town the next morning. It was a great place and nicest ladies running it. I could have shopped there for the day but we felt shops around Little Rock calling our name. After a bit more time one the road we navigated around Little Rock and found a great antique mall. Teresa was able to get some vintage clothes pieces for her daughter and I was on the look out for a creel basket and old fishing gear to decorate the lake house. Off we went to another stitch shop that had the nerve to be closed an hour before their scheduled time. What were they thinking? Oh well, I was able to spend more in a shop where they wanted it! We arrived at the Red Apple Inn. It was just perfect! nice but not stuffy and comfortable tables and chairs for a weekend of stitching. 

Gloria and Donna were our table mates! They made lovely progress on their pieces and were good company to stitch along beside.
This is Pat Dugan the host shop owner and Tracey Schultz who does some really amazing bead designs at the Make it/Take it table that they had set up. It is a great idea for beadwork and you can give yourself a break from stitching to work on some lovely pieces. 
 Additional shopping in the center of the room to paw over when your back or eyes needed a break.
Or you could enjoy the views from the lovely patio. 
These nice ladies were table mates on the other side. We had such a nice group of stitchers present. They were very welcoming and great stash enablers! I'll have to post the stash another time. This post is so very long winded and picture laden. 

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  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time! Looking forward to seeing your stash and learning about some new shops

  2. It seems like an eternity since our wonderful escape from the real world.
    Looking forward to our next runaway.

  3. So much fun! One day perhaps I will make the journey somewhere like that!