Thursday, July 28, 2011

just a few thoughts

Is it just me or do your children only need you as a ATM when they get to high school?We are getting ready for a new school district this year. I cannot get over how much our free public school education cost each year but, I digress. Josh just got back from a 6 day missions trip and he is heading to Atlanta for the weekend with a family of on of the boys we took to North Carolina. I think I see him only to hand out money these days. I feel certain this is normal for a 15 year old boy but it stings a bit. I am almost ready for school to start so he will not be leaving for 5 days at a time.He was on the missions trip for birthday this year which about broke me. I am sure this is part of preparing me for the looming empty nest but I still love to spend time with my son. Love to have his friends around and cook for them. Oh well, we have 3 good years left with him at home. Cannot imagine when he gets a car. Is this a terrible joke? Pre-empty nest to go with my Peri-menopause. This leads me to my next issue.... is it possible to loose weight after say 45. I think not, for 2 years I have been fighting the belly battle and loosing it in a grand fashion. We can send a man to the moon but cannot figure out how to get middle aged women into a higher metabolism.

Stitching news. I am working on an exchange piece currently so no pictures. No more progress on Dandelion Sampler but I posted a picture one of my favorite Drawn Thread pieces. Perennial Borders. I hand dyed a piece of linen pale yellow to stitch it on years ago. Still a favorite of mine. I have been working on the quilt. Hope to post an update this weekend of it. I had to wait on a walking foot to come in for my machine. I am excited to be getting ready for a finish on it and see my second project dancing before my minds eyes.(Clouded a bit by all the cross stitch projects floating in there but there none the less)

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  1. Wish I could say the money part stops when they leave home but I don't like to lie. I can't wait to see your quilting.

  2. sorry to disappoint but it don't get any better when they do leave .. I am currently moving one out and have done nothing but run around and sort stuff out .. I will defo be ready for next week peace and quiet take care and ooooo I can see those projects in your eyes heheheh love mouse xxx

  3. My oldest is a preteen - so I that is just starting for me!

  4. Hang in there, he has to try his wings! Oh, driving will make it worse only then you have to worry about his driving too! It's tough being a parent! lol Don't have any good news about weight after 45 fighting that battle too!