Thursday, July 7, 2011

ready, set, go

This one has been on hold a while, it is from the June 94 issue of Just Cross Stitch. Dandelion Sampler by Drawn Thread. I just loved spreading the flowers as a child and making wishes so I HAD to stitch it. I know you all know what I mean. Started it last night. I am using an updated fabric and thread.The fabric is Cashel hand dyed called Days Gone By and I am doing the border and lettering in WL Antique Brass. It was left over from DT Sanctuary and I do hate changing colors so much some days. I'll post a better picture of the stitching when I get a little more completed. Mr. Frog was in my house last night and I had to restitch the one little row I managed to do. I went over 3 on a 4 sided stitch rather than over 4. UGH!

I am excited to be getting ready for a vacation. Packing 3 projects. Yes, I have an over-achieving spirit, but I would hate to have to stalk down a stitching show to get something else to work on during the break. Dandelion Sampler, I Sigh Not by C Street Designs (almost finished) and not sure about the third. I dare not pack a small because the others will grow moss or get covered in dust. No fobs, no needle books, no needle rolls. I must stick to the plan...

We are taking our bikes to the mountains so I will have a couple of days on the bikes to mix with the days of stitching. The rotten dogs are coming along with 3 teenage boys.YIKES! How much food will they consume? We normally ride the bikes the bikes but you can see how hard that would all be to get on 2 motorcycles. :) Reminds me we need to get a house sitter. Thankfully we have several college and career aged youth to choose from in our church.

I was in such a rush to finish my last start I forgot to take a picture (otherwise known as evidence I can finish a project) It was a gift and the post office was closing in literally 10 minutes. I was a crazy woman trying to get it into the post on time. Hop over to wish her a belated happy birthday and check it out. Under the July 3rd post.

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  1. I don't know how much 3 teenage boys eat. Let me know when you get back.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Hope you have enough food for an army, that's how much 3 teenage boys will be able to eat!!! LOL Have fun!