Monday, November 14, 2011

baking, shopping and more

The weekend began with a day of baking. I made a family favorite, Italian Cream Cake. It was my step daughters 21st birthday last week and she requested the cake. I then woke up at 4:30 Saturday morning (UGH!) and since I could not go back to sleep I decided to make some pumpkin bread and banana nut bread. Then, you guessed it, off to the LNS for a fun day of stitching and stashing.
Isn't this the cutest tree. I got it in black so it could be used year round for ornaments. I am shamefully lacking in Christmas ones. I pulled my stitched ornaments out and only about have of the branches are filled. I do have several needing to be finished to help fill in the gaps but I will have to get busy to have a proper showing for the holidays. I thought it would look nice with the hanging pincushions or other small pieces in the off season.

Not a great picture but I picked up Fredrick and Fredericka by CHS. I got a lovely piece of Weeks linen called linen. Thy will look great on it. Opted for DMC rather than NPS. LNS doesn't stock them and I am too lazy to stalk them down on the Internet right now.

I also picked up the LK 6 fat men series. I think they will look so cute done up. Who knows when but they are hanging with the rest of the stash now. I worked on my retreat pieces while at the shop but didn't take any pictures of that. I am almost finished with the Blue Ribbon Designs piece and just need to add the ribbon leaves to the VS piece so hopefully by next week they will be finished. I also got my exchange piece ready to be finished. So all in all a productive weekend. And best of all no cleaning! My DSD is working just a few hours a day (3) and will be helping with that until she finds a full time job.

This was my first veteran's day with out my veteran Dad. It was hard and sad. We are just a few days away from the anniversary of his death and it has been a hard year. You will just be fine and then all the sudden something happens and makes you remember him and I have to fight back tears. Guess it goes on like this for a while.



  1. Love all of the stash you got. That Cream Cake looks delicious. Memories are a good thing even if they bring tears to your eyes. It just shows how much he meant to you. Hugs!!

  2. Whats with the cake pictures tonight???You and Edgar are posting AWESOME looking cakes!!! Nice looking stash too...I have done Fredricka and now need to do Fred.....

  3. oooo cake ... and more cake followed by stash ... :) and well done on your stitching you can't show us yet :) (((hugs))) for the anniversary ... love mouse xxxx

  4. Oh...that cake looks delish! Love the Freds...can't wait to see your start!

  5. the cake :D.... your stash looks like fun.... i just started the 6 fat men and am loving it.. have a great week, looks like you will be busy :D !

  6. Did you save me a piece of cake?
    Can't wait to see your little tree all full of ornaments.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  7. I have never heard of Italian cream cake. Can you share the recipe it looks scrumptious.