Monday, August 20, 2012

Finally a stitching weekend!

First up is the quilt I have been working on. I got 3 rows all sewed up and have 4 more to add. I took a picture of the pattern after paying with it for a while on my bed to help me recall because it may be a while before I can work on it again. My pinwheels are clearly a beginners effort but they will improve with time hopefully. 
Next up is two small pillows. I had stitched the lady with the umbrella for an exchange a while back. I loved it so I stitched it again for myself earlier this year in Tulsa. Just got the beads on and finished the assembly this weekend. The other pillow is a freebie chart "my heart is fed by needle and tread" by X-stitch appeal. I turned it into a little roll pillow for my basket. It was raining all weekend, sorry for the photo quality but I was just so excited to stitch again! I really calms your troubles soul. 

I was also able to almost finish assembly of the Glory house box we made at camp in Tulsa. My husband gave me the crazy eye as I brought it to bed to sew while he was finishing the Extreme Makeover weight loss show last night on ABC. If you missed it go to ABC and check out Jarvez Hall. Very motivating person. I got the side walls done and the front attached before my eyes gave up. I hope to finish it tonight after work. 

Hope you all got some stitching time in this weekend. 

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