Monday, November 4, 2013

Fabulous Fall

This photo does not do the amazing fall colors now showing off on my back deck justice. I am sure I will blink and they will be in dire need of raking, but for now they are just lovely. I looked and there was yellow, red and orange all showing. Couple that with the crisp air and oh so pleasant temperature and you have a very nice fall season. There was just a slight amount of wind today when I walked for lunch. Such a welcome change from the thick, hot, humid air of late August and September which respiratory distress syndrome when you exit the air conditioned comfort of home. Just walking outside leaves you with a total body sweat wave. 
 This is my progress on Soil and Sand. I am working it in Sampler Thread Midnight rather than black. It is really a fun stitch. I am loving the positive and negative space effect from the pattern. Beth Ann really came up with a nice idea in this piece. I can so see stitching it in a nice red or tropical ocean colors. My son has been really into drawing lately so I may make it into a gift for him.I think he would appreciate the patterns in the piece.

While at the Pals Retreat I sat next to Anne from Iowa. She has just started her blog so hop on over and give her a nice welcome into blogland. She promises to be an interesting read and really does some lovely stitching.Click on link for Anne's blog .

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  1. Isn't fall wonderful ~ with the break from the heat and the colors!! Off to see Ann's blog ~ thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Your fall view is gorgeous! We don't get color like that in Florida at all. Go from green to brown it seems. We are, however, enjoying cooler weather and lower humidity.

    I put Anne's blog in my reader.

  3. I love your fall view! So pretty!

    Soil and Sand is really moving along quite nicely. :-)

  4. Oh...thanks for sharing Anne's blog link. Can't wait to hop over and say hi.

    Loving fall too.... happy stitching.

  5. Fall HAS to be my favorite season! I was noticing colors around my yard lately, too. Have a great weekend!