Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4 AM

What to do when it is 4AM and you cannot sleep? Why blog of course. I wish it would not wake the world for me to quilt, then I could complete the outer border of the quilt. I did get the center blocks quilted late Saturday night. I was waiting on my son to get in from the movie invite he got earlier that day and did mange to get all of the center blocks quilted. I did a simple zig-zag pattern across them rather than the recommended stitch in the ditch. It was not a bad as I thought it would be to stitch. I can definitely see the need for a quilting machine. The fabric gets quite bulky in the traditional machine. I don't think I could do much more than a throw on a traditional machine. The outer boarder will have small paisleys to mimic the fabric print. I just love paisleys and they will give a nice accent to the piece. I can smell a finish on this piece and cannot wait to start the next quilt! 
This is a picture of the pomegranate growing on a tree in our back yard. Who know you could grow them in Alabama. It just never occurred to me they would grow here. We bough the house in May and have several lovely surprises in the yard. There are also 3 fig trees growing a small harvest of figs. The previous owners had just landscaped the yard a few months before so the fruit trees are all young. There is another tree I am not sure about but hopefully we will know soon. An insect stripped the leaves off it in July but they are returning and I hope to tell what it is then. 

My poor mailman has been stalked lately. My step-daughter has been stalking him for her drivers license, we were all relieved it came yesterday. Long story of typical young adult these days I will not bore you with but she is doing much better theses days. Today I will start stalking him for an exchange piece. I sent my piece off last Thursday and have been not so patiently waiting on the postman  for mine to arrive. Good thing I am at work when he delivers the mail or I would be waiting at the door for him each day. Maybe I could set up a nanny cam ....

have a good day all and hope you got more sleep than me last night,


  1. oooo just love those colours on that quilt :) and well done for the zig zag :) and stalking the postie seems to be a stitchers habit .. i am today too ..lol .. love that pomegranet .. take care love mouse xxxx

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! I love the color scheme and can't wait to see your finish!

  3. Leave the postman alone.
    Love the quilt, glad the D/L arrived.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  4. Beautiful quilt! So nice that you have your own fig and pomegranate trees!