Thursday, August 25, 2011

you could have warned me

So all of you quilters out there in blog land and none of you bothered to tell me that it was a crazy idea to stitch around the paisleys on my quilt. Really what was I thinking. The excitement of being close to a finish and the creative jolt I had that it would set off the piece to outline them. After all it has really only been about 30 years since I have sewn on a regular basis, how hard could it be to do all those curves on those lovely paisleys? Well, about 5 hours later and an infinite amount of disgust about how bad my circular stitching is and the quilting section of this learning objective is complete. Really a warning would have been nice. Pam, not to burst your creative bubble but, curves are going to be a pain. All that is left is the binding at this point. I was planing to use the navy poke-a-dotish print for the binding but the lady at the quilt shop said to use the border fabric. Care to cast a vote?
This will soon become a scissor keep for the great fall stitching and general escape from life planned for October. 47 days from the departure. I don't think my husband remembers telling me I could go. I will have to remind him soon. He has some short term memory issues that can really work in a girls favor. :) Josh beings cross country meets this weekend. I think I will be able to stitch while he run. Surely I'm not expected to interact with the other parents and coaches rather than stitch. There all my selfishness is out as it relates to stitching. (Or at least most of it)

thanks for stopping by and reading,


  1. I vote something other than the boarder.
    Stitch away at cross country, I stitch all thru my Emblem meetings.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. I like the binding to contrast with the border, too.

  3. I think the binding should contrast the border. Go with what feels right to you, it is your quilt. Can't wait to see you in October.

  4. Go with what feels right for you for the binding. There are no hard and fast rules on bindings. Cute scissor keep you are stitching!