Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Girl Pants

I have been busy avoiding pulling up my big girl pants and quilting my completed top. I spend last night sorting my needlework stash. Matching fabric to charts, pulling threads for kits and such. BTW, is anyone else madly in love with the large mesh zipper totes? I got a small one in an exchange earlier this year( Thanks again Chris) and I fell immediately head over heals with them. The small one is perfect for the a smaller chart, fabric and fibers. The larger ones fit a full size chart and all the works for it as well. I have 7 kitted right now but after last nights fondle I need about 8 more. Hobby Lobby only seems to stock 4 at a time and they are cheapest there. Guess I could order on line but it is (as I am sure you girls know) more difficult to mask an online purchase from the occasional spending audit. This morning I started a the above fall chart. It needs to be completed before the Oct stitching retreat. Plan to turn the needle roll into a needle book and make a fob to match.Heart in Hand Fall Fobs. This is another chart I have had a while and never quite made it to the top of the heap. Teresa told me she is going to have a full fall decor at the retreat so I had to stitch a fall set or be totally out of fashion. I am sure you all understand. Next on the list was taking my step-daughter to get uniforms for her new job. She moved back in with us a couple of weeks ago and is starting a job Monday. Then I actually resorted to cleaning. I know- desperate at this point.Clean verses quilt. This should show you the deep fear I am wrestling over starting into the unknown of a quilt sandwich. I have ironed and pinned the pieces together. I am sure the dread of the process will be much worse than the event. It is just that there is so much time and money tied up in this piece. I love the way the top looks pre-quilting and am fearful I will not do it justice in the quilting. Off now to say one last prayer before I start the quilting. 

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  1. An oldie but a goodie... still love those HIH fobs. Can't wait to see your needlebook finish.

  2. I can't wait to see your finishes at the retreat. Now I need to get mine done.

  3. Great new start! Good luck on the quilting!