Monday, January 2, 2012

Mission Impossible

Today has been spent sorting and organizing, just something about the new year that makes me want to approach this task. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as I have many complete kits and several kits almost completed. Above is Linen and Lace, I a lovely R&R Glen Ellyn Blend to stitch it on and converted to Belle Soie Silks. Isn't it wonderful how you can turn a cheap stitch into an extravagant monster within just a few minutes? I did have the Rose of Sharron already so there were only 8 more to buy. They must fill the LNS with a secret formula that makes you drunk in the shop and make crazy purchases. You can spend about $3.00 on cotton floss or $90.00 on silks. Let's see.... I'll buy the silks. I'm sure they drug us to make us lose all common sense when we enter a LNS. A spray mist that is virtually non-detectable except by advance scientific equipment.
So without further comments, here are my kitted or close to kitted projects for this year, (and more than likely next) For those of you who watched American X Factor- In no particular order....

1. Drawn Thread - Linen and Lace
2. Drawn Thread - The Riddle
3. Prairie Schooler - Alphabet
4. Victoria Sampler - Mermaid Song Stitcher's Purse
5.Carriage House Sampler- Fredrick
6. Carriage House Sampler - Fredericka
7. Moira Blackburn - Three Things Sampler
8. Lizzie Kate - 6 Fat Men
9. Plum Street Sampler - The Flood
10.Workbasket -  Quaker Acorn and Squirrel
11. Chessie and Me - Breath of Autumn (WIP)
12. Chessie and Me- Pumpkin Row
13. Rosewood Manor - Spring Quakers
14. Black Bird Designs - Autumn to Spring
15. Primitive Traditions - Plenty and Grace
16. With thy Needle and Thread - Birds of a feather
17. With thy Needle and Thread - Bunny and Co
18. Stacy Nash Primitives - Spotted Hare Pin keep Drum
19. Island Cottage Needle- April Showers Pin keep
20. Erica Michael's - Little bit O Autumn (silk Gauze)
21. Erica Michael's - Woman of Valor
22. Just Cross Stitch - Four Season Band Sampler

PLUS - exchanges and monthly Christmas ornament.
I'm sure they will all be complete by 2020! 

Well,at least I'm organized. I found these lovely mesh bags at Hobby Lobby which are all stuffed into a larger project bag and sitting next to my sewing chair in the living room. I'll be posting completed projects in my sidebar this year so hopefully something will get there soon. 

I still need to order the thread for my BAP from last post. I am almost afraid to look online too with the pile of threads I found I still need.

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  1. How nice to have so many choices of kitted up projects, Pam! Had to laugh at your comment about DMC vs. silk threads--would you believe I've never stitched with silks. I did just buy them for Victoria Sampler's Christmas Village. Will I get to it this year--who knows!!

  2. You will love stitching Three Things, it's one of my favourites. Can't wait to see VS Mermaid, I have been wanting to stitch if for ages. Please, please post lots of photos when you are working on it.

  3. Now that's a list ~~~ I love it~~ I know you can get these done and more......Cant wait to be following you progress...Take care, Faye

  4. Wow !! What a list!! lol I have been wanting to do The Flood by Paulette.. I need to get my stash in the basket finished first! Have a Happy Stitching 2012!! and I think they somehow get us to buy all this stitching stash on-line also!! lol

  5. That is an impressive list. I'm sure you will make it happen though. Your comment about the secret drug made me chuckle. Although I think my LNS has a machine that alters the weather. A few times I have gone in their store with sunshine out, only for the clouds to open and it poor down rain while I'm there. Then I'm trapped and can only pass the time going through their inventory! Believe me, I agree with you.

    Jen :D

  6. ohhhh wow a very drool worthy list and I'm with you on that spray hahahah .. think they use it at the cross stitch shows as well ;0 ..... looking forward to seeing your starts and lots of finishes too :) love mouse xxxx

  7. This blog will certainly have a beautiful view - Looking forward to seeing your progress ;)

  8. By the way - I forgot to mention - I am working on "The Flood" - I am still on the arc - This should be fun !!!!

  9. What a wonderful list! Seems that we both have very similar tastes! Seeing that you have Frederick and Fredericka on your list makes me think I should add them to my 2012 list. They are such a beautiful couple!