Saturday, January 28, 2012

Overdue Thankyou

Isn't this the most lovely piece ? It is a stitching tote my sweet stitching sister Teresa sent this to me last week and I had a hard time getting a decent photo. Dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home is getting old but I have noticed the light is beginning to hang a little later in the evening as I am driving home so there is hope of spring. 
Inside the pocket is a needle holder with lovely leaf pins, a pocket which had an acorn fob, a zipper pocket to hold project safe and sound and a pocket on the back to hold the pattern or notes. It is just amazing and so thoughtful. I wish you could all see the lovely detail in person. Then when she was at a LNS one day she found some 28ct spun silver which is my favorite fabric now discontinued. I will make something on it soon. Just love the feel of it in my hand. Thanks my friend is just not enough to say. 
Linen and lace progress or un-progress as the case may be... The left side of the border is off by a few threads so it has to come out. Yep the entire left lace border... Just love the frog.I'm ready to fry it up for frog legs for lunch! 

Next week offers a work assignment out of town. I accepted it because of a LNS in the town next door. I am, if nothing else, a woman with proper since of priority. I cannot share the location with you all until I return but I promise to take lots of photos and maybe a few stash treats.I can promise you will all wish you were there as a way to tease you a bit. It is hard to believe I have been blogging for a year next month. I think a 1st blog anniversary give away will be in order.  

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Love the tote....and sorry about the lace issue.
    Enjoy your "work assignment"!

  2. So sorry Mr. Frog was unkind. Hopefully your LNS visit next week will help make up for it - enjoy finding the perfect first project to go in that gorgeous tote!

  3. What a lovely tote, you will enjoy using it.
    Safe travel and have fun shopping

  4. The tote is lovely, you must have been over the moon to receive it. I'm sorry that Mr Frog decided to visit, hopefully he will be on his way soon. Enjoy your work assignment and visit to the LNS, I really wish we had LNS like you do over the pond, there's nothing like being able to actually see things in person.

  5. What a lovely gift from Teresa. Such a shame about Mr Frog.

    Enjoy your visit and work assignment. Looking forward to seeing your stash additions.

  6. the tote is gorgeous .... and a wonderful gift for you too .. and cooooo frogs legs for breakfast yuckkkkk and oooo you are a tease not saying where it is ... enjoy your work assignment and keep us posted to your stash haul :) love mouse xxxxx

  7. Glad you enjoyed the tote. I love the lace piece so sorry the frog had to visit. I know where you are going and I am soooooooooo jealous.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  8. Beautiful gift from Teresa! Lucky girl! Sorry about the frogs ~ they've been here too lately! Have a safe trip ~ looking forward to seeing your pics!

  9. What a wonderful gift! Obviously done with love. Your linen and lace piece is so beautiful. The fabric and the fibers are gorgeous.