Friday, March 2, 2012

Is it just me?

Or does it seem that no one knows how and when to surprise you like another stitcher? Let me digress, for the last few days I have been helping my mother prepare her house to sell. She has been in the house for about 35 years. I am not sure she has done any real purge of the house in all that time. This might be not such a big deal but the woman loves to shop like you and I love to stitch..... now you are getting the picture.I would share photos but I am numb from it all. So we have been going round and round the trash can for several days. One absolutely must keep item was a rugrats tin. I though she was going to burst into tears when I suggested donating to charity so it is securely tucked in my basement with the other half of her house and leaving me to wonder how I will assimilate it into my household.We have been slowly relocating her over the last 6 months in an effort to merge our households since my father passed away.She bought a small lake house and will share the space in our home and it. Sounds great on paper but the reality has been much less.They never warn you that about the time your kids are getting ready to depart your parents will be landing.

On a positive note I have found some vintage stitching from the early 80's that I find just a bit frightening on several levels. And how about this jewel that was tucked deep in a closet...
Amazing how your taste and style changes over the years. Thank goodness....

Anyway, when I got home with my car scraping the roads from the weight of my moms household I found the first picture sent from April  the new chart from WTNT. Peter and Peep. April stitched the model and I have been ogling the chart to go with the one from last year already in my stash. So many thanks to April for the little pick me up that came at just the right time.No one really knows what will help like another stitcher or know when you are in a small crisis without ever being told. 



  1. It is funny sometimes to see how our tastes can change over the years! Peter and Peep sure is cute, isn't it?

  2. Sit back and relax, maybe start that new pattern.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  3. I'm really glad that April's gift helped, just as your little surprise helped me at a stressful time too. Peter and Peep is really cute, you'll have fun stitching it I'm sure. Take care.

  4. I can totally relate, Pam, as I am trying to help my parents dissolve two households and it is sad and exhausting... Even harder is the fact that I live 5 hours from them and try to drive up each month to chip away at 50+ years of household accumulation... Hang in there and good luck :)

  5. good luck with it all ... it will work out eventually just needs a wee bit of patience and lip biting :) and well done to April for the perfect pick me up :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  6. Hi

    Just found your blog. We share the background petals pattern!

    Good luck with helping your Mum. It's difficult and draining. I lost my mum a few years ago and since then have been trying my best to help my 82 year old Dad. We've sorted much rubbish and I think that is the sad part when you come to get rid of things that remind you of your childhood.

    I'm glad you had a pick me up!

    Hope things work out well for you.

  7. I recently went through a similiar situation with my parents when they downsized to a retirement home. I understand what you are going through.