Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Free!

This weekend has been a "free for me" event. DH took a man trip on his Harley with a buddy to New Orleans and Grand Isle. DS is 15 and began Spring Break, he has been home but has no interest in hanging with mom at this point. They are off to the opening day of 6-flags ATL this morning. He has spent the last 2 weeks talking me into this. There is one parent type with 4-5 teens, I just don't know the parent so that usually means a veto in our house but I am trying to release him into world a bit more so I yielded to him going.  Friday night I was able to sew up the blocks for the above quilt. The photo is where I was laying out the block on our bed. I do need to get one of those design walls in my guest room if I ever move from the dining room table to the quest room with my quilting. I think I will like the design wall much better than the design floor or bed. There are 10 panels with verses from the Beatitudes stitched into them. Here is where I went south(actually north) I got this far and decided it was time to visit a country quilt shop I had found on the internet about 30 minutes up the road. It is in a Victorian house. How much more wonderful could you get? So off on my journey I went Saturday morning. The house was lovely with spring gardens beginning to bloom. Only 3 rooms of fabric and a fourth room filled with a long arm machine. She is very reasonable and I plan to use the services. The fabrics were lovely, tons of moda and rooms arranged by color pallets. It was a bit cluttered with fabrics everywhere but just what you would expect in a lovely old place. The owner was very gracious and helpful. She gave me the 10% guild discount even though I am not in a guild yet. I think it would be better to visit during the week when she is less busy. There were 4 sets of customers in there and she was a bit rushed. So I have the backing fabric for this jewel and cannot wait for another free Friday night. Not sure why I like machine work on Friday nights after a long week at work,taking my hostilities out on the machine that cannot talk back I suspect.

I have and exchange piece to pop in the mail this week and then back to DT the Riddle. I did manage to squeeze in a few stitches on it while I was getting a Pedi yesterday afternoon.They say no one has ever brought in stitching to a pedicure before and always seem amazed I stitch while they work on my feet. What could be more relaxing? The lighting is great and you can just about get a total body massage between the chair and the foot/leg massage that they do with the pedi. DH has already called to let me know he is on the way to crash my all about me weekend to an end. Now I'll need to get the house in recovery mode from sewing and needlework before he returns. 

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for stopping by for a visit,


  1. Ah sounds like the perfect weekend!

    The country quilt shop sounds great.

    Your quilt is looking lovely.

    Happy stitching.

  2. I love "free" weekends like you're having, Pam. They don't happen often, but it is such fun when they do. Your quilt is so pretty and the quilting shop looks like a great place in a pretty house.

    Enjoy what's left of your "freedom!"

  3. I think I would be tempted to move into that shop! What a fun place to get to visit and so close!

    I love the color choices in your quilt. =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  4. I don't remember the last time I had an alone weekend!! Sounds good!

  5. A lovely quilt. If you are interested in "building" your design wall, check out Sandra Kaye on my blog sidebar...she has a nice easy one with tutorial.

  6. I am glad you enjoyed your weekend !
    Beautiful Quilt progress ;)

  7. Hi Pam I have just awarded you a Liebester Award. do go over to my blog to see what it is about and get the instructions, enjoy sharing it with other. Because we enjoy visiting your blog.